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Winter Holiday Hotfix 12/15/2022

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Game Version v2.1.0.33783  | Available on PC, Xbox and PlayStation


  • Penguin Pet (Yuletide Village Pet Reward):
    • Reworked the ability of the pet to shoot it's projectiles in a mortar like format
    • Added the ability for the pet to roll between 3 and 5 projectiles.
    • Greatly Increased the ranged of the pet
    • Increased damage output


  • Made the out of bounds walls taller and added a kill volume below the map to catch any parkour players who have been exploring.
  • Added music to Yuletide Village.


  • Fixed issue with bloom causing black screen in specific cases around the map
  • Fixed issue where pulse acceleration wasn't working on the new map causing enemies to come out of spawners slower than they should be.
  • Fixed issue with Yuletide Village having Act 3 rune drops instead of Act 2 rune drops.
  • Fixed issue with PDS not being able to damage enemies.
  • Fixed issue with Yuletide Village not being able to be played on bonus difficulties.
  • Fixed issue with normal enemies spawning in flying lanes on mixed mode.

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