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Learning DDDK Complete Guide

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About half a year ago I installed DDDK. I’ve spent about 400 hours (as of this post) learning and creating stuff in the program. Theres alot of things that are only logical after you learn how they work. So the problem is learning how they work… There is alot of helpful information out here on the web to help out, but it is not enough and hard to find to learn the program in a timely manner. Thats why I decided to put it upon myself to make a small “guide” to help out people that are interested in getting into DD map making and creating something EPIC for the community to enjoy!

Here's the link to the guide:

ps. Huge thanks to Thales, IHDC, Lolzcoolcat, Mischief, and Tbolt for helping me out whenever I started hard malding (and saving me a trip to Therapy) over something DDDK related.

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