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Game Version v2.1.0.33566  | Available on PC (Consoles WIP)


  • Infinite Boss Phase enemies no longer drop loot.


  • Plasma Defense System no longer needs to be rotated before placing.
  • Vulture Mask is now the transmog list.
  • Adjusted ogre spawn times on Ancient Mines and Foundries and Forges to be quicker.
  • Adjusted the Kill volume underneath Bazaar to cover more of the map.
  • Added some additional trading UI protections to prevent trading any potential duplicates.


  • Fixed issue with Bazaar and Lost Metropolis survival waves not saving.
  • Fixed issue with players loading late into a game showing 0 build mana despite having build mana if the host force readied up.
  • Fixed issue with Heat Cannon Rune stacking damage buffs and debuffs incorrectly.
  • Fixed issue causing skeletons to make the enemy counter go negative.
  • Fixed issue with Mana Cost on Summoner Towers being incorrect.
  • Fixed map collision hole in Bazaar.
  • Fixed issue with Rogue Dagger not calculating the right damage when stacking buffs and debuffs.

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