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Advents Calender Giveaway 2022

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Halloween Invasion OK so after playing this patch for awhile, running many many pub games with players of all status, and chatting with a lot of endgameplayers and confirming many people have so

I'm a Deeper Well enjoyer because I appreciate how it introduces the game to the player, among other things. The layout is very simple, notedly not overly simple, and it grows in complexity as the map


In the early days as a defender, leveling and growing. Seeing my power grow each day, I finally reached that place... as I climbed my way through the castle, the souls of the ancient one's minions diminished before me. My intricate tower placement together with everchanging weapons. None could stop me. As I was slowly but surely rising, the summit within my grasp. Where I thought the ultimate evil stood. Suddenly, rays of light pierced my eyes, as I stood upon the ramparts looking over what was once my home, flourishing with greenery and life, now tarnished by mists of black and the stench of evil. I swore... I SWORE to rid this world of the ancient one's pawns and bring peace to these lands. And so, on this day upon these walls, staged high above the clouds, is where my vow was made. 

PS. Ramparts is for sure the best map hands down, it's quick simple and pulls you through the lower levels.

PPS. The monologue was just for fun :)


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Akatiti Jungle, the map which the first casino took place on ^^


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Best map would be Arcane Library  play it for the first time today and the map is just lay out insanely nice and the details on on point as well for most other maps in the game

- https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198110586546  

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Soft spot for Moraggo but only on PS3, me and my friends would grind that for hours trying for a good bone staff. PC might be kings game, we used to have a light drinking game attached to the glowing panels which made long grinding go by kind of scarily fast



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Back when I played DD1 on my crappy laptop back in middle school, I fell in love with the game. The way the loot has changed my perspective on what "loot" should feel like in every game is thanks to DD. Alchemical Laboratory; I remember spending many hours in there, drinking milk and eating my cookies at the same time.

I hope to come back to DD with my friends, and hopefully DD:Awakened some day as well. Happy holidays to the team and everyone participating!


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Genuinely it's Deeper Wells. The starter map that introduces you to the game. Played it originally on the 360 with a bunch of friends back in the day and moved over to PC eventually. Love doing soft resets on Dungeon Defenders and always coming back to Deeper Wells is such a fun nostalgia trip.


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i love deeper well because its beautiful and it was my first intro all those years ago               



SAYS spam, My name Is JACOBORJACK on steam

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The map I like the most,
Exterminates players' mental health if M4tt hosts.
Mission starts with shooting at wall and jump,
Pressure plate being avoided unless Sesar is drunk.
Later we climb the stairs and dodgeing blows,
Extending all over the map to destroy the cores.

One second build time in defense phase is real, and
Fucking Jesters too lazy to wheel.

Piercing Kraken's tentacles twice,
Only to fail the jump over spikes.
Line up for bosses is so simple it's idiotic,
Yet every public lobby is very chaotic.
Beating massive Turkey is not a big deal,
It's the fire that causes players to heal.
Using intensive strats and spreading to corners,
So we can kill mini heroes without any disorders.

Immediately after, arcade box is appearing,
Spawning on people's faces and randomly killing.

Tormenting the boss is difficult with high ping, 
However, there is one more thing.
Ecstatic players might think it's the end,

But against Mischief Maker you need to defend.
Eventually you will clear the Evil's den,
So grab your rewards and prepare then,
To restart the map and run again.



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