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Some Transparency on Local Co-p.

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I've been following news on this game here and there, with it sitting in my wishlist for a long time, however every time I consider buying it I discover that Co-op has still not been implemented and even worse, every post for updates gets ignored or brushed under the rug. 

My favourite response was "It's close but there's still some major kinks" over 2 years ago in 2020, which then had every response after ignored.

I understand this is "still on the roadmap" but beyond that could we please have an update on the situation. I'm sure there are plenty of other people who are waiting to purchase this as soon as local coop goes into the game. If there is no intention of implementing this feature then honestly I'd rather just accept that and move on - some transparency on the issue would be great.

@[CG] Philip @[CG] kyled
 Apologies for tagging you both, i've mainly seen kyled tagged before however they have not been on the forums since June 2020. 

Many thanks.

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There's lots of people still asking for this, and they've continued saying it's still being worked on.  Hopefully, with the console versions and Episode 2 Part 1 finished they can focus more on it.  Unfortunately, the current players are more vocal about getting new content, so features like split-screen and cross-save seem to keep getting pushed back.

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