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Episode 2 Part 1 Hotfixes for 11/17/2022

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As the release day is apon us, new issues are guaranteed to come with it, so this is where we'll be putting patches notes in this post as we release hotfixes for today as we expect to have a few. We are going to be keeping an eye on all the various social areas and addressing issues as quickly as possible. Appreciate the patience as we work through these.

Game Version v2.1.0.33459 


  • Fixed Crash with Lightning Tower Rune
  • Fixed Crash with Trading
  • Updated Heat Cannon VFX

Game Version v2.1.0.33453


  • Updated Patchnotes button to point to latest release post.
  • Fixed crash with various gameplay abilities.
  • Fixed crash with lightning tower when attacking enemies (Without using the rune).
  • Fixed crash when restarting a map potentially revolving around homing projectiles.
  • Fixed issue with new maps not being playable.

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