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Feedback: Pre-Nightmare is too easy and slow-paced.

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I've been playing with my friends, and the #1 complaint has been that the game is too easy (#2 complaint is 'why can't I just make a bag show only items my current character can equip right now?'). We jumped into insane with new characters as soon as the game would let us, and yet placing a single huntress bomb in front of each door or in each chokepoint takes care of 95% of enemies and leaves everyone else feeling almost redundant (I know it's not that simple with bosses, but for the vast majority of playtime it is).

I convinced my friends to put up with it until we could speedrun killing the dragon, thinking that was how we unlocked nightmare, but now we've killed the dragon while our highest level was 58, and nightmare is still locked because apparently it also has a level requirement of 70.

So now I have to convince my friends to sit through hours of level grinding in a mind-numbingly easy difficulty just so we can play the harder difficulty, and I don't know why. Why can't we just play Nightmare now that we've completed Insane?

Please reduce the level requirement for Nightmare to 50 or just get rid of the level requirement.

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Have you done any survivals? If you aren't familiar, you can do a survival on any map and it goes all the way up to wave 25, plus you can replay the map from the last wave you beat (up to wave 23, excluding wave 14 because that's where a pet drops).  Trust me, it might be a bit boring to play through wave 1-5 again but you'll only have to do it once and it gets much harder real fast. Also, the gear and exp rewards are way better than campaign, which is helpful to prepare for nightmare, because nightmare has a level requirement for a reason (for reference, deeper wells wave 1 on nightmare has an ogre). 

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