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11/10/2022 Episode 2 Part 1 PTR Hotfix

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This patch includes a new Minion multi-Select and Move feature, a lot of balance changes, mainly targeted at runes and more bugfixes and polish.

Game Version  V2.1.0.33336.PTR:

New Feature - Minion Multi Select & Move

Having looked at the feedback we've been receiving from the survey, it was clear that players wanted a way to be able to multi select minions and move them. 

Now when you go to move minions, if you click and hold you will be able to drag the circle reticle around to select multiple minions. Once you release the hold you will then be able to tell them to move to a single location or if you click and hold again you will be able to drag a line that evenly spaces them out.

Tower Balance

  • Squire
    • Slice N' Dice
      • Can now attack Sirens.
  • Apprentice
    • Flameburst
      • Starting damage increased from 192 to 250.
      • DU Reduced from 5 to 4.
  • EV
    • Plasma Defense System
      • Should now properly target Air Enemies over other special enemies.
  • Summoner
    • Pet Boost
      • Attack rate scalar decreased from 500% to 200%.
      • Damage scalar increased from 200% to 350%.
    • Ogre
      • Snotball should now do 85% of melee damage as previously wasn't scaling.
    • Siren
      • Starting damage increased from 192 to 250.
    • Mage
      • Starting Damage increased from 192 to 300. 

Rune Balance / Bugfixes (Changes At Rank 8)

  • General
    • Runes should have updated descriptions with colored tags to help
  • Squire
    • Explosive Shield
      • Now scales with buffs (Blood Boil for example)
    • Phantom Ball
      • Damage increased from 200% to 300%.
    • Piercing Upgrade
      • Damage increased from 75% to 100%.
    • Spear Trap
      • Damage increased from 75% to 250% of max health.
      • Cooldown Duration reduced from 3 to 1 second.
    • Poisoned Tipped Spears
      • Now only stacks once per defense.
      • Damage increased from 75% to 300%.
  • Apprentice
    • Arcane Blast
      • Now receives increased damage from buffs.
    • Bouncing Magic
      • No longer bounces to the root of the target but more center mass now.
      • No longer can go through walls.
      • Increased bounce radius from 500 to 800 units. 
    • Elemental Discharge
      • Now has a cooldown between activations ending starting at 3 seconds and ending at 1 second between ranks.
      • Damage decreased from 2000% to 1500% of max defense health.
    • Pulsator
      • Damage decreased from 2500% to 1500%.
    • Explosive Striker
      • Damage was increased from 40% to 150%.
      • Now has a cooldown ranging from 7 to 5 seconds.
  • Huntress
    • Shell Shocked
      • Tooltip values now properly reflect rank values.
      • Duration decreased from 5 seconds to 2 seconds.
    • Noxious Fumes
      • Tooltip values now properly reflect rank values.
      • Max targets increased from 3 to 7.
      • Damage decreased from 300% to 200%.
    • Blazing Fire
      • Damage increased from 80% to 200%.
  • Monk
    • Lightning Strikes
      • Prioritizes Special Enemy types
    • Warrior Monk
      • Crit Chance tooltip now reflects rank values
  • EV
    • EV-GR Decoy
      • Decoy now has proper health values.
    • Immolation
      • Damage increased from 80% to 250%
      • Duration now ranges from 3 to 5 seconds.
    • Electric Shock
      • Duration now ranges from 0.25 to 1 second.
      • No longer stuns Bosses and Ogres.
  • Warden
    • Sludge Pool
      • Duration increased from 4 to 5 seconds
      • Cooldown decreased from 7 to 5 seconds
      • Radius Increased from 150 to 300 units.
    • Exploding Wisps
      • Damage increase from 75% to 200%
      • Now has a cooldown ranging from 5 to 3 seconds.
  • Summoner
    • Flash Buff
      • Attack rate scalar reduced from 50% to 35%.
      • Damage reduced from 150% to 100%.
      • Dev Note: This rune is not intended to replace Monk or Apprentice boosting.
    • Spiders Poison
      • Can now can stack with multiple spiders (Stacking once per spider).
      • Damage increased from 100% to 150%.
    • Life Leach
      • Health Reduction reduced from 45% to 25%
    • Kobold Launcher
      • Damage increased from 100% to 1000%
  • Rogue
    • Rogue Runes didn't receive any balance changes due to working on some underlining backend issues regarding the rogues abilities. 


  • Added a new VFX for Flash Heal, Hover and general movement on the Summoner
  • Reduced enemy count on Alch. Labs, Ramparts
  • When you select a rune slot, you can now right click out of the menu to go back to the all the slots. 
  • All maps now have the same enemy caps as the keep of 55, which is determined mainly by performance. This should decrease wave times on earlier maps that were being limited
  • Skeletons now take 1 second to respawn instead of 3. 
  • Stuck Summoner Minions when moving will timeout instead of getting stuck in an infinite loop. 
  • More collision passes on Bazaar and Lost Metropolis.
  • Bazaar now has the correct tac map image and scaling.
  • The Summoner Mage minion now has a decal to show healing range.
  • Training Dummies now can display DPS values above 2B without going negative.
  • Minions should be able to path around one another better.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with mixed mode on Lost Metropolis not being playable
  • Fixed issue on Bazaar with having orcs and goblins spawn from spider spawners on mixed mode. 
  • Fixed lightning issues with Lost Metropolis causing it to be overly bright.
  • Fixed issue with Decoy not showing nameplates
  • Fixed issue with Plasma Defense System targeting the same target with up to 3 projectiles.
  • Fixed potential crash with damaging emitters.
  • Fixed some issues with going into overlord mode causing camera issues.
  • Fixed issue with Summoner Minions pushing towers into the ground.
  • Fixed melee visual decal on the ogre minion. 
  • Fixed issue with the spider minion playing it's animation too slow with a slow attack rate.

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