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11/4/2022 Episode 2 Part 1 PTR Hotfix

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Here's another small patch for the PTR before the weekend to test out a few things. We expect to have a balance pass update next week to further iterate on the feedback being given in the surveys.

Game Version  V2.1.0.33253.PTR:

Important Change

In this PTR some people may have noticed that the waves flow quicker than before with fodder enemies coming out much quicker than previously. This resulted in special enemies often being some of the last enemies to spawn specifically with Ogres and Sirens. As a result we've increased the enemy counts across the board which should make the waves feel more full and remove wait at the end for the remaining special enemies.

NOTE: This is something we are testing out and will likely modify with feedback, so we don't expect it to remain the exact same.


  • EV
    • Plasma Defense System
      • Should now properly target Air Enemies over other special enemies.
  • Runes
    • Tower Damaging Runes
      • Any tower rune that does damage should respect the fusion status of the tower now and deal fusion damage instead of normal damage.
    • Note:
      • We are still in the process of doing a rune balance pass and expect to have an update to the PTR next week with those changes. 


  • Overlord mode now does a camera interpolation instead of a snap for smoother transitions.
  • Summoner Minions now are now closer to the ground and not floating as much.
  • Siren now has the proper build icon.
  • Added some Summoner SFX to hover.
  • Adjusted some Summoner Animations.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crashes on Lost Metropolis.
  • Fixed various stuck enemy issues on Bazaar and Lost Metropolis.
  • Fixed issue with Rune scaling not applying until you reequip or transition maps after unlocking a higher rank version of an already equipped rune
  • Fixed issue with Pulsator Rune activating without an active target.
  • Fixed issue with Overlord mode causing camera rotations when entering or exiting overlord.
  • Fixed issue with Rift portals having 0 hp in mixed mode.
  • Fixed issue with Heat Cannon being able to be stacked.
  • Fixed issue with enemies not targeting the Decoy-GR rune Decoy.
  • Fixed issue with Summoner not being fully immune to damage in overlord.
  • Fixed issue with Minions taking longer to repair than other defenses.
  • Fixed issue with Healing Loop sounds being too loud.
  • Fixed issue with Radiation rune being shown in the Rune UI.

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