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11/1/2022 Episode 2 Part 1 PTR Hotfix

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Here's a small patch for the Episode 2 Part 1 PTR.


There is now also a survey that can be accessed from the Pause UI. 

Game Version  V2.1.0.33206.PTR:


  • Summoner
    • Archer
      • Now has special enemy targeting
    • Spider
      • Now attacks at correct speed
      • Now has special enemy targeting
    • Mage
      • Now attacks at correct speed
      • Now has special enemy targeting
    • Ogre
      • Now attacks at correct speed
      • Attack Speed was reduced but Damage was increased to match lost DPS.
        • Should be a very small buff.
      • Has a green range indicator for melee range.
      • Increased melee range from 200 to 300 units.


  • Added PTR Survey to the Pause Menu
  • Added new Summoner Animations.
  • Added Ogre Minion Icon 
  • All Minion Units have 360 degree targeting decals.
  • Runes are now tradable and able to be locked.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with Lost Metropolis missing lane wisps.
  • Fixed issues with flying lanes on Lost Metropolis.
  • Fixed scaling issues on Bazaar and Lost Metropolis.
  • Fixed Rifted issues on  Bazaar and Lost Metropolis.
  • Fixed issues with lanes on Lost Metropolis causing enemies to get stuck.
  • Fixed Bazaar and Lost Metropolis not showing map names on the pause UI.
  • Fixed issue with Spider's Poison not showing the chance and duration on the tooltip.
  • Fixed issue with Poison Spider Rune not scaling properly
  • Fixed issue with Pet Master crashing the game when equipped.
  • Fixed issue where EV couldn't equip the Chance Grenade Rune
  • Fixed issue with Life Leech reduces health to X% instead of reducing it by X%
  • Fixed issue with Focus Flame showing the wrong drop location
  • Fixed PDT showing Attack Rate and Projectiles in the wrong tooltip zone.
  • Fixed issue with Summoner being able to equip weapons
  • Fixed issue with Mana Bomb Rune not showing cooldown on HUD
  • Fixed issue with EV Decoy Rune crashing when you die while it's active.
  • Fixed issue with Entangling Roots rune not updating range with tower upgrades.
  • Fixed issue with players colliding with dead enemies.
  • Removed Trading UI hotkey on O as it did nothing.

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