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Striking Tree Weekend Contest

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Yet another speedrun contest this time on The Striking Tree on campaign NMHC, but to not make it too easy we are taking LT's and DST's out of the picture. The top three fastest entries gets to choose between a Final Patch, Celebracers and a NPC in descending order from First to Third place.

To enter the general pool simply run Striking Tree any difficulty without using LT/DST.

In your entry include:
* Save a picture of the build you're using (minimap picture) to be sent to me if you win.
* Level Victory screen showing the Overview tab
* Level Victory screen showing the Towers tab
* Include steam ID (actual id) if you have a custom url you can get your actual url here https://steamid.io/

The contest will run from 2022-10-14 to 2022-10-17 16:00 UTC+2.

If you have any questions contact me on discord (sam116#9428)

Winners list:


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