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August 23rd PTR Patch

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This patch should address some of the main issues players are seeing on the PTR currently. Overall the feedback we've been getting from the surveys has been really positive and we are happy with how things are going so far. We expect the PTR to go for another week before deciding if more time and changes are needed before looking at a live game release. If you are still looking to take part in the PTR to test these new changes, follow these instructions



Boss Weapons

  • Further tweaked Fusion Boss Weapons to scale better when dropped at equal quality tiers. You'll still see about a 5-10% difference between any boss weapon and a Lycan king boss weapon.

Tornado Highlands

  • Significantly cut enemy counts to be more in line with other maps in the act. 


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where Lycan King Lures weren't resetting properly between boss fights.

  • Fixed issue with the Keep waves not scaling in endless.

  • Fixed issue with the Lycan King not scaling health in endless.

  • Fixed issue with Fusion Pets not having a minimum quality when dropped.

  • Fixed Beaming Blossom not being able to attack after the first attack.

  • Fixed issue where players could start on higher waves or waves they shouldn't be able to start on.

  • Fixed issue with Lycan Prince Rift Armor not showing on the tooltip.

  • Fixed issue with Lycan Prince Rift Armor now applying properly.

  • Fixed issue with Rogue's Carnage not being able to be canceled on clients.


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