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I just wanna make sure I'm up to date on what exactly is coming in Episode 2. There is still a hero and 2 maps not yet revealed (as far as I know) however, based on the PTR we could expect Episode 2 within the next month. Are they being revealed during then, or... is "Episode 2" more of a 1.5 before the heroes and maps as well as some new features?

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Soon TM

EP2 should include
-2 heroes (1remake of the dd1 summoner and a new one which is unknown)
-4 Maps (3 remakes and 1 new one as far as i heard we get a palantir and forest crossroads remake)
-1 new enemy
-1 new boss
-probably another 1 or 2 "supporter cosmetic packs" but thats just a guess

i don't know how you get the idea that the PTR means EP2 is close because the PTR is just a few rebalances and QoL improvments thats it there is no new content in the PTR and with that no EP2 anywhere close in sight

first this PTR has to end and the changes have to go to live and as far as i understand they plan another PTR for EP2 itself before it goes live too which will also take several weeks

as you mentioned they still haven't revealed the last 2 maps and 1 hero and the last reveal is now how far back half a year? maybe more?

so either they want to show it when its done or they focus on DD2 and DDGR and haven't done much more in DDA other than the stuff in the PTR and abit on runes and outcast to present them in a post

funnily enough just yesterday a dev mentioned in the discord "Yea UI's are going through some major overhauls and styling currently" which means they are again and still split between the games even tho DDA will cross the 1 year mark in 2 days since EP1 released :)


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