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[GIVEAWAY/CONTEST] Dungeon Defenders cosplay!

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For past few years Event Hosts of DD1 event team host contests and giveaways for people to take part in, easily 95% of them involves playing the game to earn the rewards. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but I wanted to do something else, try a new approach, few months ago I decided to give a baking giveaway a try and it worked out great! A lot of possitive feedback from community made me thinking about other exciting ways for people to engage with DD community.

That's exactly how the idea with cosplay giveaway came to live, obviously as this contest is A LOT harder than other ones the rewards are better too!
and the best of the best will win something MORE than just Event items!

Post a picture of yourself cosplaying any character from DD1 game (can be either a dragged file or link to imgur, dropbox or gdrive)
It is Highly encouraged to censor your face (and/or other stuff that may make it easy for other people to identify you ) [if you really want to enter but don't want to post the picture publicly, you can do so privately, this way the picture will only be seen by me and the judges]
If you are under the age of 18, you need to have your parent permission to participate
The better the cosplay, the better the rewards
Pictures background can be edited for additional effect but character itself can't be edited other than for censoring purposes
You can enter with only one picture
The Contest ends when topic is locked on August 31

Additional rule: due to troll posts of famous cosplayers, picture needs to contain something mentioning DD1, a piece of paper with nickname and dd1 is sufficient.
**while it says "everyone wins" there needs to be at least a minimum visible effort put into cosplay

If you have any questions about the contest or have problems with posting on forums let me know via forum pms or discord Escev#7560

Here is an example of sufficient(but barely) to entry cosplay: image.thumb.png.1eec4bb20a3d6d043e612604e2021a05.png

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Ok I'll be first to post cosplay (if we dont count the above memes). I went for the black ninja monk costume with cheater accessories and monkey pet (couldn't find a damn dragon plush doll). @Escev I hope a final patch drawing is enough to satisfy the condition of having something mention DD1 (I did draw it myself despite my bad drawing skills).




For further explanations on my cosplay, please refer to this:

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This is my cosplay of the Redux playerbase/updates. I hope you like it!
Steam profile








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