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July 29th Pre-Episode 2 PTR Patch

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We will be extending this PTR for one more week, as expected. We have made a handful of changes based on the data we have collected so far, and will be keeping a close eye on things as we move forward. We anticipate pushing the patch to the live game once we make any final changes and pass certification for consoles. If you are still looking to take part in the PTR to test these new changes, follow these instructions. We have also added a section to the bottom of the survey to reflect these new changes, so make sure to go back and edit your surveys.


Feature Update

The new Smart Upgrade system now has a more defined priority list. Towers will now be upgraded in the order of their priority fully before going down to a lower priority tower. Two towers of the same priority will alternate between the lower upgrade level. The priority list is now:

  • Overclock Beam

  • DPS Towers / Traps / Auras

  • Blockades

  • Everything else

  • Reflect Field

Example 1: If you have a Harpoon Tower and a Spike Blockade, the Harpoon Turret will get upgraded fully before the Spike Blockade receives any upgrades.

Example 2: if you have 2 Harpoon towers and a Spike blockade, it will alternate upgrading the 2 Harpoon Towers to full before targeting the Spike Blockade.



Harpoon Turret

  • Damage Increased from 66 to 73

Magic Missile Tower

  • Damage Scaling Increased from 1.6 to 1.75

Lightning Tower 

  • Damage Increased from 20 to 22

Thunder Spike Trap

  • Can now be overlapped with other Thunder Spike Traps outside of a small radius.

  • Developer Note: This is something that people have suggested in their surveys and we wanted to experiment with this to see how players use this.


  • Increased Base Health from from 8000 to 8190

  • Increased Health Scalar from 200 to 225

  • Reduced range of projectile attack from 1500 to 800 units


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the client would occasionally crash when culling an item.

  • Fixed an issue where the session browser displays 9999 games found instead of 0 when no games found on initial open.

  • Fixed an issue where refreshing the Session Browser when there are no sessions will hide the X Games Found text instead of saying 0.

  • Fixed an issue where the Siren icon on the Tactical Map was too large.

  • Fixed an issue where a Siren hitting the core would say the incorrect enemy name.

  • Fixed an issue where traps didn’t show their effect range when activating tower view.

  • Fixed an issue where EV’s node-based defenses weren't showing as invalid for their placement decal.

  • Fixed an issue where the PTR session browser was region locked.

  • Fixed some additional backend issues with Session Browser with games not showing up in specific cases.



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