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DD2 once had an entire tutorial training map. I think they've had 2 or 3 of them over the lifespan of dd2. Although, I do like the idea of running from behind the castle gate and being thrown right into battle, there is still alot to be desired in the way of a tutorial.
I think you can still keep the current tutorial idea of what I just said (running into battle), but add in things like:

What are mods and why do they matter?
What do pets do for me?
What are elemental combos?
Where should I go after campaign? Why should I care about adventure mode? ...... speaking of which? Why is campaign split up into campaign and adventure? Alot of new players skip over the harbinger part of the campaign because it's slapped into the adventure mode, which alot of new players ignore. Did I mention that alot of new players skip over adventure mode? :P
What do pets do for me? How are the empowerment stats relevant?

I feel like new players are like John Smith in the Disney  adaptation of Pocahontas where Pocahontas is singing to John "how could there be so much that you don't know?" Which new players would respond "Because you didn't tell us..." haha

Does anyone else have anything they think CG should add to the tutorial?

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