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Welcome to another Uber contest. In this edition we will be playing a map you may be recently familiar with *cough* thanks John *cough* The Sea Caverns 


For this Uber contest, you must complete The Sea Cavern on an apprentice. You may use a Moon pet. (Moon is achieved from last wave of survival on moonbase, any difficulty) You can use mars as well. ask in the discord(dungeon defenders runs and giveaways) if you need survival waves or to borrow a moon pet from someone. 

Rewards will be random for those who complete the map, with most being weapons like rainmaker and rockshatter, along with a couple rare items, so I HIGHLY SUGGEST you follow the rules and complete the contest. 

The Rules for entering

1) Complete The Sea Caverns on Nightmare with an apprentice (level doesn't matter but you should have 100+ herospeed) with a moon type pet allowed.(no other items equipped) 

2) Take screenshots of your character at the end crystal with character and equipped items visible

3) Post steam ID (actual ID) use this by putting in your steam profile url if you have a custom one, post the output here https://steamid.io/  If you skip reading this and post a custom URL I am not entering you, and I'm not reminding you or telling you. If you have questions ask

This contest will run from 7/2/2022 until 7/16/2022 at 1AM ET


The prizes will mostly be weapons, with a possibility of secret prizes :D  

As its the same map for live or redux, you can choose to get rewards on redux, HOWEVER, the rewards may vary and don't expect to get a pointy hat or final patch/something you cant outfarm in redux. 

Contact me on Discord ((ubermench42#4328) or steam  https://steamcommunity.com/id/ubermench42/  if you have issues



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Here is a list of the winners. IF YOU ARE NOT ON THIS LIST, YOU DID NOT WIN. UNLUCKY  

2nd! https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198047188434/

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