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WTS 522 ups Candy Cane

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Want to auction this:


This is what it hits when maxed (upgraded on open, still level 1 on ranked):



Currency accepted:

Dias 5/10/15

Crackers 100

Rainmaker 100

Magicite 80

Celebracers 180

Elf/Clebration Hats 150

NPC 180

Ginger 200

Lime Pie 200

Final Patch 500

Gaia 80

Mad Joe 1

The upper bracers we were supposed to get but didn't get because of Trickz: over 9000


Auction will end on Sunday 26th at 11:59 PM and 59 seconds EST. 

I reserve the right to refuse an offer. 


Sent to modmail and passed IC:


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