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With the beginning of summer break for a lot of the students out here. I was thinking it's time to
make  this fun thing I have been thinking about for a while, DD coal lottery!

We're going to run this lottery for the entirety of the summerbreak,  ends 14'Th of August, and if people are interested and we
have a big coal turn up, this might just become a returning concept that I'll host every now and then!

The raffle idea is simple, for each coal you turn in you will get a number (will be documented here),
and at the end of the month well pull three random numbers for First, Second and Third place.

First place: 3/6 of the coal pot
Second place: 2/6 of the coal pot
Third place: 1/6 of the coal pot

So let's say we get a total of 888 coals, the winners will get

1: 444
2: 296
3: 148

To make this a little more fun, the house (who cannot win) will start out the pot with 88 coal
AND will also fill out the winner's amount, so they can spawn diamonds without any rest coal!
(this means that First place would actually get 528 coal, second place: 352 coal and third 176)

AAAANDDD there will even be an EPIC greenish prize for the nerd that enter with the most coal, very cool!
AAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNDDDDDD there will even be a general pool of greenies for the rest that enters (thanks Escev!)!

To enter with coal, it's easiest to add me on discord "sam116#9428 "or @ping me in DDRNG https://discord.gg/FE4cRCs

But you can also add me on steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Sam116/

Winners will of course not be forced to spawn their coal to diamonds, but would be nice to see what kind of 
shiny rocks we can get!

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13 hours ago, Lunaris said:

what be greeny?

its a event item in the color green, that was a coal about 1-3.3 billion years ago.

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No, you cannot win 2 magicites

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15 hours ago, Zen Dragon said:

how do i put coal into the pot?

Message me on steam/discord and we'll arrange a time where coal can be handed to the pot


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