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I'll try to keep this simple. I own every DD game CG has made. My thoughts on them swing wildly and I felt DDA was a pretty big disappointment in it's current state. With that said, and after buying DD:GR weeks ago, I finally gave it a try really not expecting much. To my shock, this might be the best DD game since DD1. It's an extremely well done Rogue Lite. With that said, I have one main suggestion:

Communicate stat/skill/ability changes to the player in the spells screen. After I've collected a dozen runes, I'm not sure how much a +10% Attack rune helps. Is this value calculated from my characters base power or total power? At the very least, give me a value range for my attacks and spells so I have an idea of the actual DPS my spells and I are doing. Getting a rune like Flock of Searing Gulls (the one that turns 1 phoenix into many and gives 33% damage boost) and seeing no change in the spell damage value feels weird. I also can't tell if the rune stacks because my ability information doesn't change (pretty sure they do, but it'd be nice to see it).


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