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We’ve got some all natural goodies coming to DDGR. New hero, adjustment to some talents, some nice quality of life additions/changes, a boat load of bug fixes, and more! This is the start of what you can expect to come in future Going Rogue updates!

New Hero: The Warden
Spew Shrooms, fire seeds, and summon brambles to defend Etheria. Welcome your favorite Guardian of Nature to DDGR!


Weapon and Attack

  • Polearms - Wield a mighty polearm to cleave through your foes!


  • Sprout - Shoots an AoE explosive seed, dropping a buff seed on its impact. Picking it up increases the Warden’s Haste by 50% for 3 seconds.


  • Mushroom Circle - Explodes when placed and Ensnares all enemies by 25% while active. Lasts for 10 seconds.
  • Wrath Form - The Warden gains 25% Armor and 40% Attack and your Defenses also gain 25% Armor and 40% Power while active. Lasts for 10 seconds.


  • Beaming Blossom - Shoots a continuous fire damage beam at an enemy. Requires line of sight for targeting and damage.
  • Roots of Purity - Blockade that deals poison damage back to attacking enemies while in range. Is no longer required to build other towers.
  • Shroomy Geyser - Launches a Shroomy at enemies dealing AoE exploding poison damage and Slow on hit.
  • Sludge Launcher - Shoots a single target poison damage projectile, applies 50% slow for 2.5 seconds.
  • Wisp Den - Wisps deal single target physical damage, no line of sight, prioritizing stronger enemies.

Mastery Runes

  • Vitality - Max HP +20%
  • Strongarm - Attack +10%
  • Yum Yum Seed - Sprout Seeds Restore 5% HP On-Pickup.
  • Armored - Armor +10%
  • Poisonous Shrooms - Mushroom Circle applies Toxic (33% Damage) On-Hit

Unlock Condition

  • Complete The Mill.

Here are a few of the Warden’s runes. We didn’t list all of them here, so have fun discovering the others!

  • Exploding Wisps - Wisp attacks explode for 25% physical damage.
  • Yum Yum Seed - Sprout seed also heals 5% HP.
  • Rage Form - When not in Wrath Form, +X% chance on hero kill to reset Wrath Form cooldown.



  • We buffed hero damage talents across the board, especially the Tier 4 Melee Crit talents which were combined into one single point talent. 
  • Due to the significant changes to the Talent Tree, we have reset everyone’s points.
  • We are looking into creating a permanent talent reset system in a future update.

Health Drops

  • Health drops are also now less common but more powerful. (To 5%, 25%, and 50% from 1%,5%, and 25%.)
  • Health drops no longer persist between waves.


  • Increased the amount of map randomization
  • Instead of two or three maps for each level there are now up to four.
  • The first and last maps of a session are always only between two different maps.

Goblin Mech

  • Goblin Mech Charge Stun now opens a weak point.
  • Placing a blockade in the path of a charging Goblin Mech will stun him, but will destroy the blockade.

Ancient Dragon

  • Ballistae will now rotate instead of their platforms rotating and should be easier to use. If the Dragon is within the targeting angle and the player shoots it should hit the Dragon.
  • The Ballista projectiles no longer have collision and can no longer be interfered with by Wyverns
  • Updated visuals for Self-Destruct of moving platforms.


  • Enemies are no longer restricted to their normal paths but will take the most optimal route to the nearest Core or player. In most cases there won't be much difference, but make sure to keep an eye on flying enemies as they will now be more likely to take unexpected paths.
  • Enemy damage now scales less than it previously did. On Hard difficulty, and after Act 2 on Normal, enemies should deal significantly less damage. This should lead to getting one-shot significantly less, especially for melee characters. 


  • There are now 3 new Swords, Bows, Polearms, and Staves!
  • Default damage increased on all Sword weapons.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where swapping heroes in the lobby caused you to vanish.
  • Fixed an issue where projectiles that bounce between enemies could get stuck.
  • The “L” keybind now works on the summary screen.
  • Fixed a bug where the previous difficulty setting wasn't saved when going back to the lobby.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Apprentice Arcane Blast VFX to stick.
  • Fixed a bug where the Magic Missile Tower fired at, but did not hit, close targets.
  • Fixed several bugs where the stat comparison was using incorrect values.
  • Fixed a bug where Fire Aura had incorrect buy and sell values.
  • Fixed a bug where Apprentice Overcharge buff was not appling to some towers
  • Pressing “S” on the Statistics page now correctly swaps between Stats and Rewards.
  • Fixed a bug where shops would not have roll values or cost.
  • Fixed a bug where the refresh cost was incorrect and displayed a flipped red coloration
  • Fixed a bug where Ogres were sometimes refusing to rotate while performing melee attacks.
  • Fixed a bug where you could beat Map 3 wave victory while enemies were still present..
  • Fixed a bug where certain AoE traps would continue to activate when no enemies were in range.
  • Fixed a bug where weapons and runes dropped for the wrong hero. 
  • Fixed a bug where Sharken wasn't showing up on Map 9 and Map 10.
  • Fixed a bug where the Kobold attack indicator didn't display for clients in a multiplayer session.
  • Fixed a bug where Wyverns were too focused on cores and not players.
  • Will now display a message as opposed to a crash window during a crash when Steam isn't running in the background. 
  • Removed some spots where players could get up on the stands on Goblin Mech.
  • Fixed a bug where the Deadly Striker tower was using the wrong attack rate caps.

Quality of Life Changes

  • Added "B" as a secondary binding to open the inventory.
  • Adjusted the hud ring size to avoid clipping of other hud widgets.
  • The Blacksmith now has a notification for when you have no upgrade-able items
  • The Tavernkeep now has notifications for refreshing the shop.
  • The Tavernkeep now has a notification for being sold out and no remaining refreshes
  • The Tavernkeep now has a passive notification for when a user interacts with him and he has no items.
  • Sharken damage reduced.
  • Cooldowns are now reset and Towers are now destroyed upon entering any phase, rather than specifically build phase
  • You will now spawn inside a shop when it is available.

What's Next?

We’re continuing forward with a lot of work in all of our games. For Going Rogue, expect to see some additional features, heroes, enemies, weapons, and more in the coming months as we get set up for the 1.0 launch later this year. We’re also working on our next update for Dungeon Defenders II, with some great new content to conquer. Lastly, we’re surveying tons of players as we work on the next episode of Dungeon Defenders Awakened. There’s always something to do, and we’re excited to share our plans in the near future!

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For Etheria!
Chromatic Games

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