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WTA 115xtdmg leather app gloves or 115x range piece

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Hey all! I want to auction this LEATHER app gloves. Tdmg caps out at 82x without set bonus or 115x with set bonus. This can also be a range piece that has 82x(115x) range.


The following are pictures upped/unupped and boosted/not boosted.



Listed below are events that I will consider and their prices:


Greater Magicite of Wind: 100

Mr. Crackers: 125

Elf/Celebration hats: 150

NPC: 180

Celebracers 200

Gaias 80


Auction will last from Friday 06/05/2022 03:45 (CET) and end on 20/05/2022 23:59 (CET). 


Any bids made within the last day of auction extends the auction by a day


Other events may or may not be considered depending on their usage as I am looking for useful events. If you are unsure if I need anything hmu on Discord.


For any bids made atleast one of the events listed aboth are required. 


I do have a reserve for this piece and my buyout is undecided for the time being.


My Discord is BeMySandwich#2426. Contact me for questions.


I reserve the right to not sell if I am not satisfied with the highest bid.


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9 hours ago, M4tt said:

18 mad Joe's at 15cv/piece

Next auction: 69 Mad Joe´s for buyout :))

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