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With an early access release comes early access bug fixes and iteration! We aren’t looking to adjust balance while the Dungeon Dash is going on, so these fixes shouldn’t include any nerfs or major changes that affect the competition. Let’s get into it.

Bug Fixes and QoL Improvements

  • Fixed a handful of crashes that rarely happened, but no more!
  • Fixed multiplayer visual issues with enemy health bars and animations when playing with 3 or 4 players.
  • Defense duration bar properly updates when modified
  • Fixed an issue where the Ancient Dragon wouldn't be targeted by some towers and traps
  • Cleaned up some errant SFX when summoning some defenses
  • Improved the Ogre’s projectile and impact VFX 
  • Improved lighting in Ramparts and Throne Room
  • Clients in multiplayer no longer lose Rune stacks on map transition
  • Updated tooltips to show greater clarity, including: Defense Cooldown, Defense Duration, Ability Cooldown, and Ability Duration
  • Goblin Mech's Barrage now properly goes on cooldown after using an ability to trigger it.
  • Fixed damage over time effects persisting longer than intended in multiplayer
  • Updated the  Arcane Surge charging VFX. 
  • Updated the Endless Spires minimap.

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