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I'm a returning player who hasn't been on this game for the past 7 years and was wondering if you could help me out where to start.
I've completed most of the vanilla game and have most builders lvl 95-ish with decent gear/stat, See pics.

From what I can see this game has changed a lot and to be honest I don't even know where to start. I have to get back in the whole building thing again because right now I'm as slow as a turtle at setting up whatever.
What's the first thing I should do to get back into the game? Like where do I start grinding for ultimate(+, ++) gear, which new weapons are better than my current ones adn where do I find them, ...? 

Any advice is much appreciated.









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Hello, active DD1 wiki editor here.

Infested Ruins is one of the best high-end Survival armor farming sites in the game now, on Nightmare HC. If your Adept had more tower range (2,000+ ?), you can possibly reach wave 30 while having 3 or 4 Summoners active, using my NM build on DD Planner.

Town in the Cliffs (TITC) is a new and very popular map in Redux for armor farming and its exclusive monk weapon: the Genie's Scimitar. However, its Campaign boss could be a roadblock without a dedicated Tower Boost Monk at least (btw, a Boost Initiate is totally worth raising).

There are a number of builder pets that increase movement speed, like the secret Treadmill on a Treadmill from Moonbase Campaign, Crystal Core, Turkey on a Treadmill, and "Large" and Radioactive Diamonds.


Take a search through the wiki if you want more info. Alternatively/Additionally, you could add me as a friend on Steam and meet me in-game sometime, on Redux.

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Sorry about not replying on your other post.

We can't say event items are traceable (which means you have a picture for every trade back to an event host), which is the only way to prove they're not hacked. The items you posted looked fine at a glance though, so there's no need to worry about them. 

For advice on playing the game, if you're still interested, I would recommend joining the DDRnG server for dd1, people will gladly help in there. Information about future events and big giveaways are all posted there as well


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