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Cannon Ogre shooting through reflect beam

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I was playing a chaos 8 molten citadel with a friend on wave 5 and a Cannon Ogre spawned on the right side of the map.  We had a reflect beam about a flame aura's width away from a Maw, and the Cannon Ogre walked up to the reflect beam, and shot right through it.  I was on a Squire with 113k armor, 1.4 million health, and had my shield up with max ascension in shield block plus the shield block power shard maxed out.  I engaged him on the opposite side of the beam from the the wall, and in ONE SHOT, he shot through me, the reflect beam, AND THE WALL.  This single shot destroyed the wall, the ram behind it, the volcano up past the ram, and the crystal.  Plus it killed me, obviously. 

The sheer damage potential, while a little stupid, I can understand.  But shooting through a defense SPECFICALLY DESIGNED to defend against it goes against the physics of the game itself.  Is anyone else having issues with this, or was it just some bug?

Granted, I'm kinda annoyed that geodes seem to buff the damage output of any enemy in their shield, but at least something like that doesn't go against the actual design of a defense.... 

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