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Uber Contest!! The Guardians of Etheria Edition[ENDED]

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Hello All! 

Welcome to another Uber contest. In this edition we throw out that whole defending policy and show that the best defense is a good offense!

For this Uber contest, you must complete "Assault Challenge Pack part 1,2 and 3" ON AN APPRENTICE(or Adept) on Nightmare Hardcore (for redux or live)  for a chance to win GUARDIAN EVENT PETS                                                   

If you play on redux, you get rewards on redux. if you play on live, you get rewards on live.

The Rules for entering

1) Complete  "Assault Challenge Pack part 1,2 and 3"   on nightmare HC solo on an apprentice or adept (lightning tower based users)for live or redux entry

If you don't have the map, someone else can start it for you, just have them be on a summoner. That is mandatory. they can have no kills. 

2)Take screenshots of the end time and players in game to show you played solo. (Time will be a factor, I will decide to what extent) Most maps take about a minute so go crazy

3) post steam ID (actual ID) use this by putting in your steam profile url if you have a custom one, post the output here https://steamid.io/  If you skip reading this and post a custom URL I am not entering you, and I'm not reminding you or telling you. 

4)Bonus points if you play on a male apprentice because its tough being a slow boy. 

Option 2

If for some reason you lack the assault DLC and cant get someone to start it for you.... you can download wandering heart and complete that on nightmare. Bring a squad if you want. Map link below. Also post time and Steam ID.


If you aren't in the DDRNG discord, a join link is below. This is the best way to keep in touch with the community and to get in touch with me. Otherwise I will do my best to seek you out if you win, within reason. 



This contest will run from 1/14/2022 until 1/28/2022 at 1AM ET.   I will try and have the items ready as soon as I can



The prizes will only be EVENT GUARDIANS. That's Cinnamon, Ginger and Lime Pie. 

Contact me on Discord ((ubermench42#4328) or steam  https://steamcommunity.com/id/ubermench42/ 

Items for Giveaways  
Item live
Cinnamon manyu
Cinnamon heech
Cinnamon mang
Cinnamon limemy
Cinnamon nukez
Cinnamon mr ed
Cinnamon alu
Cinnamon ecztasy
Cinnamon vixen
Cinnamon trickz
Ginger mursu
Ginger matt
Ginger lunaris
Ginger dolgor
Ginger sesar
Ginger manyu
Ginger tbolt
Ginger meshak
Ginger erec
Lime Pie matt
Lime Pie heyitsnathan
Lime Pie lunaris
Lime Pie sesar
Lime Pie manyu
Lime Pie click click
Lime Pie donkeh
Lime Pie jasper
Lime Pie broholm
Lime Pie fabsi


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