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dd2 2021 december winter update bugs found with sugested ways to fix (mostly)

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i found a few bugs

1: cutscenes, when a cutscene plays wether its in campaign, adventures or some primes, they glich out and dont play, sometimes even resulting in a crash on both the 32 it version and 64 bit version of dd2, i donot know how to fix this im just a player not a coder or designer

2: 64 bit, when i get invited and try to join someone or just try to join someone from steam, i sometimes crash, sure this is annoying but id rather crash from trying to join someone then to crash everytime i try to tp into the town, so i still wholeheartedly wish glory to the 64 bit version of dd2 XD, just a player, not a coder or desighner

3: i can clip out of maps, turns out this is a bug thats been here for a few years, isnt it high time to be fixed? afterall heres an example of a map clip i can perform on the carnival map (i mean wildwestifal sorry im nuts for nostalgia and i got hollow nuts for brains), when you have the stormpole on your monk or initiate, double jump from the highest bone of the dragon skeleton maw thingy on the rollercoaster and activate stormglider, then fly towards the gate that has the rollercoaster in front of the entrance, then either position yourself correctly on where the invisible barrier is or just fly over, poof, this basicaly means y gota increase the height of the invisible barrier and add a sky box for those who wana use the barb charge thingy glitch, or add a 1 second cooldown like what is done with the mercenary (this would be better i think)

4: enemy floor clip, thus bug wasnt fixed in the previous patches even tho it was said it was fixed, but it rarely happens on the temple and wildest west now too rather then just the wild westifal, on the temple this bug makes it a little eazier to finish (wich im super duper happy with because the stupid ping issues havnt been fixed either and been here for years), lower the floor the enemies spawn on, better have them fall a small height and have them walk to the gate properly then watch them drop into the abyss below, also add a second floor just for good measure right underneat it so that enemies that somehow still clip trough can walk backup tru the wall if said enemies can walk trough the ceiling/floor is thats possible, else i dont know what could be done

5: a reminder to fix the earth shatter tower, since people prefer to use earth toss, the shard currently has these statsScreenshot_273.png.b4b8cd2584989b27b5e398403e770696.png
i sugest  making it so enemies that are knocked up by the earthshatters will be knocked up and "kept afloat by magical rocks" for 3 or so seconds, because enemies that are falling down but alive tend to glich out all over the place when the ping is horribl resulting in having that one lady orc where it shouldnt be ending up in a guaranteed mach loss, or that onw lucky gobu that silently slashes away at the eternia crystal, i also sugest echanging the radius for the gilded version to 180 on gilded and 140 ungilded and just adding 320 natural earthshatter aoe effect to the tower itself, totaling 500 defence units range for the the earthshatters rock-ruptions, this will also make it optional to use this amayzing shard alowing a bit more diversity and even the option for a new shard
i call it:
earthquake: increase the earthshatter tower damage radius by 600 (680 gilded), has 15 upgrade levels (300 units at level 1, 600 units at level 15, 680 units at gilded level 19, adding 20 radius units per level), this shard cannot be used alongside earth toss, id make the aoe effect toss too many enemies making it very op not to forget that it would make the aoe larger then the elvish artillery canon using overcharge
i also sugest changing shatterquake into the following
Reverberating quake: enemies hit by the earthshatter tower now take 20% of the damage taken per second from the earthshatter tower's intended target, every enemy inside the damage radius and the target itself will take this 20% damage, lasting 5 seconds, this way it follows the intention that the other defences with the fiery exclusive mods have, tho i think it shouldnt be 20% because it deals crazy damage, also the reason i came up with the idea of having every enemy in the damage radius take the primairy targets 20% damage per second is because if you take aoe falloff into account each hit enemy will have a serparate calculation, so for what ive observed every enemy already has an extra package to send to the player and the host, if each package is also customized because of said faloff then itll quickly overload, if every enemy has the same package when hit, itll not multiply its package everytime its hit resulting in a more stable gameplay when players prefer to use earthshatter towers using this mod
(update to the above, i failed to mention that y gota remove the dot stack, because thats what causing the pinglag mostly)

6: c8 loot drops with c7 stats, i gave up on grinding c8 and went straight to grinding c7 for my loot or lower chaos tiers, because c8 drops c8 weapons with c7 stats, this is horribly annoying, it also makes me scared that my relics and my armor isnt correct either O_O... ;-;....
idk how to fix this im not a coder or a desighner (it appears it fixed itself, im so confused... also it werrent c7 stats, was a weird number in between c7 and 8 likely a level.... ihope it stays good now....)

7: a reminder to fix the other ping issues, 7 is just a joke ish thing mixed with being serious, srsly tho plz fix this - _ - its a mess

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