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Back after a break

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I last played DDA in Nov 2020 (according to Steam). Anyway, it was just as the rift stuff came out that I took a break. I was doing pretty well, finishing Survival W25 Summit (which at the time was the hardest and best loot). Since then nothing at all.

Just booted it up and want to play again.

I've got all my kit still but its all reset.

I've got 522 billion coins

I've got 14 characters, but just the basic 4, each with multiples (tower, dps, tank etc)


Would appreciate any advice on what to do to get back into the game, do I level up all my existing kit or is there much better stuff now to spend it on?

Any other advice?


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They re-worked how gear works.  For example, weapons and pets now only boost hero stats.  Because of this, they reset all your upgrades and refunded the gold for it.  Benefit of this is that you can gear your heroes to work as both towers and dps/tank.

They also added Fusion gear from the Rifted enemies.  You'll want to get sets of fusion armor to have fusion towers.

There's also new heroes and a lot more, but stuff tests are things you'll get cosmetic wings from, so not required to farm or anything.  As far as I can tell, Wisps are still the de-facto tower and Warden is DPS.

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