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Returning to DD2

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I haven’t been active on DD2 in quite a while, but with the new update and characters I wanted to jump back in.  I was in Chaos 7 and had done 2 AP resets (ultimately what exhausted me… didn’t have the resources to keep resetting and got burned out).  I’m not going to do more resets, but I am overwhelmed by the relics and Servos in my inventory.  


So, my community friends, as I clean out my inventory to try an start again.  If you had to pick 5-10 relics for builders and for DPS characters what would they be?


Also, if you had to pick 5-10 servo’s for builders and DPS what would you save?  I have 3x Skele-boom 10/10, but I’m thinking those aren’t worth much.


I know “it depends” but any guidance would be appreciated.  Thanks!

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