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Bug Report: Rifted Spiders AI Bugged

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I couldn't find any place clearly marked for bug reports so I'm posting it here. If there is a better place somebody just tell me and I'll move it there instead.


Per the title, in rifted mode, spiders' AI is so broken that the spiders don't fulfill their purpose of harassing players. They are so single minded in their pursuit of sitting on the crystals that we just call them 'window lickers' in my playgroup.

Context: In rifted mode, spiders are melee and fast, webbing with their melee attacks. They are meant to pose a danger to players and their defenses.

The Problem: However, it seems that they just path to the closest crystal and literally just sit there until they die. The only aggro to players if the player gets within about 1 spider's width of them, and once they get to the crystal they are so busy licking it that they don't even aggro the player unless you physically push them far enough away from the crystal that they have to walk back to it again. In practice my friends and I never even consider the spiders in our defense planning and we only ever get webbed for our neglect on average once every other way once it gets to 50+ spiders per wave.

My Suggestion: Give rifted spiders a similar process as dark elf warriors; specifically the relatively large aggro radius in which they will detect players and pursue them. If rifted spiders are meant to attack defenses in lieu of a player target, I suggest also giving them the defense aggro logic of dark elf warriors. If not, maybe pathing to defenses like the dark elf warriors (just without attacking) would be better than licking the crystal.

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