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new shard and servo ideas based on what is currently there for defences

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i have been thinking intensly about the game in its current state, the mercenary is awesome and some of its shards and defences awesome aswell, my oldtime pre shard favorite, the flameburst tower has returned! things are awesome

but shards, alot of defences are missing alot of diversity, that i think shards can restore!, and so i will post shard ideas per heroes

:Emoji_Apprentice: and :Adept:
flamethrower tower:
embermount flamethrowers: enemies killed by the flame thrower have a xx% chance to leave a lava pool upon death dealing yy% damage, last zz seconds
engulfing flames: flamethrower cone is XX% whider and can now target air units
ghastly fire: flamethrowers have a xx% chance on hit to set enemies on fore dealing yy% damage for zz seconds, embermount flamethrower shard does not trigger this effect
ash spewer: enemies hit by the flamethrower have their movement speed reduced by 25%

arcane barrier:
radiant detonation:, drasticaly increases the detonation size and reduces the amount of hp needed to 10% per detonation rather then 25%
arcane aura: enemies around the arcane barrier deal reduced damage and take increased damage, this effect is trippled if enemies are affected by withering blasts
barrier bomb, when the arcane barrier is destroyed it deals xxxx defence health as damage around the barrier and permanently slows and weakens the affected enemies, this effect is 1/4rth on bosses, this effect does not stack
siphoning blasts: blasts have a chance to heal the arcane barrier completely

frostbite tower:
freezing aura: freeze aura is increased by XX%
freezing pylon: no longer targets an enemy, instead when placing the tower you can place down a shard of ice, the frostbite tower will fixate on it and continuously slow anything in that area, the shard can be moved by selling it and inspecting the frostbite tower
piercing frost: frost bite tower slowrate is increased by 25% but no longer freezes in an area, instead the freezeray pierces enemies freezing the target and every enemy behind it
sleetstorm: the frostbite tower deals damge, dealing frost damage based on its defence power to the target enemy and enemies around or if using freezing pylon, inside the pylon area, unbuffed it deals damage every 1.5 seconds, max rate attacks every 0.31 seconds, however the slow now only reduces the enemy movement speed to 90% of what it was rather then what it was

earthshatter tower:
fissure: when the earthshatter tower hits an enemy it rips open the earth leaving a fissure that deals xxx% defence power per sec as damage for 10sec, 10 second cooldown per fissure, projkectiles gain xxx damage radius, does not stack with earthtoss
stalagmite: earthshatter tower has a XX% chance to call a stalagmite from the ground dealing XXX% defence power to the target and stunning it for 4 seconds
mudflow: when an enemy is hit, leaves an area of mud that drenches enemies and slows them down to 75% of their movement speed, projectiles gain XXX damage radius, can stack with fissure and earthtoss
armor crusher: enemies hit by the earthshatter tower are afflicted with broken armor, reducing their armor by 20% for 5 seconds

flameburst tower:
explosive force: explosion radius increased by XX% and damage falloff reduced by YY%
meteoorite thrower: flameburst tower has a XX% chance to shoot a meteoorite at the target that deals YYYY% defence power to one enemy
betsy's curse thrower: enemies hit by the flameburst tower receive 10% more damage for X seconds
shotburst: flameburst tower projectiles no longer deal damage in a circle around the enemy, instead it deals damage in a cone withoud damage dropoff, explosive force still increases the cones radius and witdh

hailstone tower:
blizzard: hailstone tower can now target up to 3 extra targets but deals 15% less damage
enhanced detonation: enemies killed by the hailstorm tower detonate in a freezing explosion, freezing enemies for X seconds and taking big falling damage
shards of ice and fire: hailstones fired by the tower now deal 50% ice damage and 50% fire damage instead of 100% water damage
hurricane: can target ground and air enemies, range is increased by xx% (the reason this is needed is because as a ground defence the hailstorm tower would be perfect with glacier and the new idea shards, curently, auras and mans and pdts outperform skyguards and hailstorms completely, if you allow it to target ground enemies aswell this makes the tower used again because again it deals realy good damage)

canonball tower:
shrapnell: canonball projectiles shatter upon hitting an enemy, dealing xx% damage to enemies behind the target in a YYY wide cone
charge cannon: canonball max rate is reduced to 3 seconds, but the projectile deals 500% more damage (this makes it perfect for lanes with low enemy counts like game ogre, zerkers and healers, rollers, timmehhhhh, etcetc)
burst shot: canonball projectiles now deal 30% of their damage but 4 projectiles are shot eachtime the tower shoots, resulting in 20% more dmg when it doesnt crit, and when the enmy dies the projectiles keep moving towards a potential second target
wrecker: canonball tower projectiles now knock the target XXX units far

spike blockade:
spear spikes: spike damage range is increased by XXX units
toxic spikes: spike blockade now poison enemies for XXX% defence health for Y seconds
reinforced shields: spike blocade no longer deals damage, instead it takes XX% reduced damage and is YY units whider, covering more ground
bleeding spikes: spike blocade damage causes enemies to bleed, making them immune to heal effects and buffs

venom coating: balista bolts now poison enemies, dealing XXX% defence power per second for Y seconds
double shots: balista has a XX% chance to shoot 2 balista bolts rather then 1
brute strenght: balista can no longer crit, but its damage is doubled
tree root balista bolts: balista now deals magical earth damage and slows down enemies hit

training dummy:
(hopefully this returns) harbingers exile: enemies hit by the training dummy have a xx% chance to be returned to the spawn, does not affect bosses, enemies can only be teleported back once and if they still have atleast 70% or more hp left
oil trap: dummies that get destroyed oil enemies around them slowing them doen to 10% of their movement speed (grants the player the time toreact)
arming dummy: when heroes hit the dummy, their hero power and ability power are increased by xx%
bucket of spikes: training dummy range is increased by XX and enemies inside the area take XXX defence health as damage per second (from sharp spikes on the floor)

explosive trap:
rigged detonations: explosive trap rate is now limited to 1 detonation per second but now  deals more damage and has increased range
igneous detonations: explosive trap has a XX chance to shoot a fire colom in the air that lasts X seconds dealing XXX% damage per second
perfect traps: explosive trap deals 20% less damage but the dropoff is removed completely
elemental chaos trap: (basicaly the good old sphere with some aditional effects): randomly choses an element and deals damage, oil damage oils the enemy, water damage drenches, frost damage freezes the enemy for 1 second, fire damage deals 2 X damage, storm damage electrocutes enemies hit for 1 seconds, poison damage poisons the enemy for 3 seconds dealing damage, earth damage petrifies the enemies hit for 1 second

geyser trap:
waterfall: no longer knocks up enemies, instead it now deals damage in waves in a larger area every second
soggy grounds: enemies inside the geyser trap area move at 70% movement speed
icecold water: now deals frost damage, enemies that are drenched get frozen for 10 seconds
bath: heroes inside the geyser area of effect get cured of any debuff and stun and becomes immune to any debuff or stun for 4 seconds

poison dart tower:
corrosive poison: darts deal XX% less damage but poison damage is YY% better
concentration: poison dart tower no longer shoots 3 darts in spread, instead all projectiles are aimed towards one target and deal 10% more damage
point-blank: the closer the enemies are the more damage the darts deal and the more concentrated the poison damage
infused poison: poison lasts twice as long

blaze baloon: 
fire rain: when the blaze baloon triggers, enemies receive XXXX% defence power as fire damage, this can be used alongside blazing phoenix
scalding lava: drenched enemies have their drench evaporated but take 25% more damage
flame blimp: blazebaloon range is drasticaly increases, blaze baloon floats towards an enemy and drops its lava orb, dealing damage in an xxx damage radius instead of at the trap
bursting baloons: baloons burst when they spawn rather then when enemies walk in its trigger area

flame aura:
concentrated fire: the closer an enemy is to the flame aura the more damage it deals, farther away deals less, dealing the normal damage at 50% range
roaster: the flame aura can only target one enemy but enemies around them get roasted, range is maximized
frozen flame aura, converts the flame aura into an ice damage dealing defence, slows enemy movementspeed to 80%
conjoined flame aura: flame aura near the boost aura, lightning strikes aura or skyguard now boost eachother, increasing eachothers damage done by 10%/boost aura dp boost by 7.5%

boost aura:
harmony: boost auranow affects only one defence but its dp and dcd boost is trippled
blinding radiance: boost aura reduces enemy damage done by XX%, stays on the enemy for 5 seconds after leaving the boost aura
aspect of etheria: boost aura no longer boosts damage, instead it increases enemy damage taken by XX%
serenity: boost aura also boosts heroes for 50X of its defence power and defence crit damage stat:

skyguard tower:
chaotic distortion: slow strenght is doubled
double trouble: skyguard tower now targets and shoots at up to 6 enemies but deals 30% less damage
dragon's fury: bolts detonate dealing XXX% defence power as magical damage around the target
grounded: can now target ground enemies

lightning strikes aura:
electrocution: enemies hit are electrocuted and stunned for 3 seconds
bug zapper: deals 2X damage to knocked up enemies and flying enemies
electrified: enemies that get killed by the lightning strike aura leave behind a betsy lightning ball that deals XX defence power as damage every 0.5 seconds
mods: tree striker: enemies hit get knocked back, enemies in the way get knocked back aswell

skeletal orc
agression: skeletal orcs attack speed is maxed but take 10% more damage
orcish impurity: enemies hit deal 20% less damage and receive 20% more damage
necromantic strenght: (equipable on all 4 abysslord defences), increases the health and defence power by XX%
illusion: skeletal orcs have a 10% chance to take no damage

skeletal ramster: shards:
golden flames: when an enemy is hit by the skeletal ramster they get pushed back a little
facial fire: enemies hit by the skeletal ramster are blinded, moving 20% slower
roaring ramster: the farther the enemy the lower the damage, the closer the enemy the more damage, normal damage at 50% range
chrystalizing abyssal fire: enemies hit by ramsters 3 times turn into crystals, when hit by crushing damage the enemy shatters

skeletal archer:
piercing arrows: arrows pierce up to 3 enemies
straight shooters: skeletal archer now shoot in the same direction but have 20% less range
apple shooters: increase the crit chance and damage by XX% but recuses the defence range by 10%
arrow sprayer: when an arrow hits an enemy it splits and deals 25% damage to enemies behind it in a cone

proton beam:
protonic arc: protonbeam can only hit one enemy but the protonbeam now makes an arch between 7 enemies
radiating protonbeam: protonbeam width is increased by XXX%
multi-beam: protonbeam no longer functions as a chain, instead 1 node is placed and every other node is conected to eachother in a v like shape
surging power: protonbeams trigger secondary effects, drenched enemies get electrocuted or frozen, oiled enemies set ablaze, poisoned enemies petrified

reflect beam:
empowered reflection: reflected projectiles deal twice the damage:
energized beams: reflected projectiles bypass shields such as geodes and vanguard shields
blazing beams: reflect beams deal fire damage and ignite oiled enemies for XXX% fire damage
double detonations: both the first and the last nodes release torpedos

restoring beams: heals blockades for 1% of their hp every 3 seconds
healing beams: heals heros for 10% of their hp every second
increased beams: increases the amount of buffbeams per chain by X
heroic beams: buffbeam pass 50% of their defence power boost and defence crit damage boost onto heroes standing inside it

weapon manufacturer:
inverse creation: weapon manufacturer no longer builds weapons, instead its range is maxed and capped to 2500 units instead of 2000
potent servos: weapons build by the manufacturer deal double damage but have to be used within 5 seconds
protonic death torpedo: only builds atomic torpedos, increases the torpedo range by XX% and increases enemy damage taken by XX% for 10 second
debilitating mechanics: halves enemy movement speed wilst they walk within the weapon manufacturer

fissure of embermount:
lava fissure: enemies move at 50% speed and increase the range by 25%
bursting orbs: when you grab a lavacharge it explodes dealing XXX% fire damage to nearby enemies, if not grabbed in time the charge explodes in 5 seconds dealing tripple the damage
magma drowning: every 7 seconds enemies get dragged into the ground and get stunned for 2 seconds
radiating heat: now hits air targets
ice melter: immune to frost orc slow and drakenlord stun, deals double damage to frostenemies

maw of the eath drake:
concentrated beam: enemies only need 1 second to get petrified but takes longer to target a new enemy
spliced beam: now affects 3 enemies instead of one
shattering teeth: shoots a volley of earth projectiles in a cone when firing its beam
fiery touch: when enemies deal damage they take the same damage back as fire damage

oil geyser:
sticky oil: oil remains on enemies XX seconds longer
boiling oil: oiled enemies take XXX magic damage per second for Y seconds
grease: oiled enemies can no longer get debuffed but take 2X physical damage
eruptive force: oil geyser is now always under the effect of eruption and now deals damage based on defence power rather then ability power, increases the range by XX%

embermount incarnation: maximizes the range
no deadzone: the deadzone is removed
gas infused boulders: fieru bulders have XXX increased damage radius
cataclysmic gas: enemies inside the volcano area take XXX% defence power as damage and move at 90% speed

serpents coil:
serpent buffer: instead of dealing damage, heals heroes instead of damaging enemies, 10% hero health per second, range is maximized and can hit trough walls
empowered energy: healing orbs and serpent buffer now increase hero damage and ability power by 20%, this effect lasts 5 seconds after losing serpent buffer, this effect lasts 20 seconds after picking up a healing orb
serpent god's influence: when at max apeasement, the coil can target up to 3 enemies
coiled death: the lower an enemies hp the more damage the coil deals

sand viper:
piercing beam: sand viper beams pierce enemies hitting one aditional enemy behind them
charged snake: snake charges up and releases a devastating beam, prioritizing bosses, similair to the beaming blossom from dda
rattlesnakes: enemies who die wilst affected by the sand viper explode, stunning enemies around the target
poison spewer, snakes no longer shoot a beam, instead they spit poison balls at enemies every 0.5 seconds dealing the same damage and poisoning the target and enemies around the target, only the target takes the dps, enemies around just the poison, elemental mods and fiery fangs cannot be place alongside this

snaking sands:
pharao's blessing: enemiues that gethit by the stun have a 10% chance to get dragged underground and instakilled, does not affect bosses
sandy protection: heroes inside the snaking sand when it activates gain 40% damage reduction and a damage shield worth XXX% hero health, lasting 15 seconds
smoldering sands: converts the tower to fire damage, enemies inside the snakingsands gets slowed regardless of if it triggeret or not
coarse sand: enemies inside the snaking sands take XXX defence power per second

vipers fangs:
poison spewer: no longer bubbles enemies, instead the poison slows enemies down, makes them take 10% increased damage and deal 20% less damage
scaled armor: takes 20% less damage and increase health by 10%, stacks with juggernaut
bubble blower: bubbled enemies inside the cone who are hit again get blown away, bubbles last 10 seconds
fang of the serpent god: when under full apeasement, the number of enemies bubbled is unlimited

double smite: obelisk smite now hits 2 enemies, snake debuffs now hit 2 enemies and hero buffs now hit 2 heroes, reduces the damage and buffs by 20%
divine intervention: at tier 2, buffs allies for 10 seconds with the divine protection buff, when the hero dies, returns at full hp instead
divine curse: enemies hit by smite are cursed, reducing the movement speed by 30% and reducing the damage done and taken by 20%
serpent paragon: when at full apeasement, every mystic defence deals 10% more damage and takes 10% less damage

world tree:
tree of empowerment: rather then granting 5% hedo crit damage and crit chance, the world tree grants 5% health and hero power
seeping energy: when a hero leaves the world tree aura, the buffs remain on them for XX seconds
hallowed protection: every 10 seconds, puts a damage shield worth XXX% of its defence health on a nearby hero, lasts 7 seconds
corruption's infection: when in corruption, the world tree deals XXX% defence health as damage to nearby enemies

moss hornet's nest:
liferoot hornets: mosshornets spawned are migrants who came from the liferoot forest, now dealing magical earth damage and increases its defence power by 20%
sticking stingers: hornets shoot stingers at random nearby enemies and stick in the target dealing XXX% defence power damage
agression: moss hornets get agitated near other defences, increasing its defence power by 10% for each nearby defence
corrupt influence: moss hornet's nests are now always corrupted

harpy's perch:
bursting feathers: instead of shooting feathers in fast succesion it shoots bursts of 5 feathers every 0.75 seconds
sharp feathers: feathers now pierce 3 enemies in non corruption and 6 in corruption
concentration: increases the defence power by 30%, when in corruption, no longer pierces but increases the damage done by 25%
wheightless feathers: maximizes the range but reduces the damage by 20%
corrupt influence:

slime pit:
water slimes: deals water damage: drenches enemies in corruption rather then oil
underworld slimes: slimes now deal fire damage, when in coruption, slimes ignite the oil on the enemies, afflicitng the enemies on fire with the usual debuffs given in spring clearing + 10% fire damage per second for X seconds based on how much damage the slime did
mother slimes: now spawns mother slimes, black slimes and baby slimes only, these slimes will always oil enemies regardless of coruption
corrupt influence: now always in corruption regardless of the players state

storming nimbus: increasess the rain width by XXX units and increases the corruption form storm damage done by XX%
tornado nimbus: sucks in enemies around the target, gains XXX damage radius
blood nimbus: nimbus rains blood instead of water, enemies hit by blood gradualy slow down and get stunned after 3 seconds by crusty blood
corrupt influence: nimbus is always corrupt

royal guard blocade:
plate armor: reduces the damage taken by 20% and has a chance to reflect enemy projectiles
sharpened shields: shield attacks deal damage twice

nether spider spawner:
chrystaline webs: spiders leave behind a web that reduces the enemy movement speed by 10% and reduces the damage done by 10%
multi-spider: can spawn 6 spiders instead of 3

nether archer:
vibrating bolts: bolts have a 33% chance to stun enemies
energy reversal: nether archer bolts now 40% damage but the damage increases with each subsequent bounce

elven artillery canon:
blessed lightning: has a 40% chance to shoot 2 orbs instead of one
electrocuter: enemies have a 25% chance to be electrocuted when hit by elven artillery

shards for all hero defences:
cone grower: increases the cone size and witdh of defences with conal damage areas :such as flame throwers, flame bursts, sand vipers, etc etc
detonation power: increases the damage radius of defence that shoot detonating projectiles or blasts (for example, slimes, spiders, flameburst bolts, earth shatter eruptions, volcano, etcetcetc)
protective pylon: reduces the damage taken of nearby blockades by 15%, (requires a blockade but doesnt buff the blockade)
weakening pylon: reduces enemy damage done and increases enemy damage taken by 15% when near the blockade
siege breaker: enemies that are imune to slowing and stunning effects have a 20% chance to be slowed by the defence if it has a mod, shard or function that slows doen enemies, 20% chance to be stunned if the defence has a mod, shard or function that can stun, stun chance applies afterthe 20% chance proc

why did it take me 2 hours and 30 mintuse to write this -_- anyhoo, this is what i came up with playing the last few weeks, some improvements can be achieved with shards, diversity is also better with more shards :D

i hope those are good ideas, let me know your opinions, have a great night/morning/afternoon/evening

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This is great! Thanks for taking the time to think through things and post this here. I have made a note of this thread and will be passing the feedback along.

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36 minutes ago, [CG] Andrew said:

This is great! Thanks for taking the time to think through things and post this here. I have made a note of this thread and will be passing the feedback along.

Waw 3+ hours of writing payed off HUGE! i never expected you, the master of the comunity or any of the developers to respond to this, i wanted to ask some players if this was a good idea, i always loved imagining features for dd2 xD, instead i got this, you have made my day IMMENSLY GREAT! 


I also forgor to post my collossus ideas -_- so i will do that now heheh,



Mallet: collossus attacks have a 25% chance to stun the enemy for x seconds, stacks with sharpened spikes

Vampiric collossus: collosus now deals 90%less damage but heals for 5% health per hit

Necromantic abomination: collosus deals 1% more damage upon slaying an enemy, stacks 35 times and lasts 10 seconds

Mods: multi-collosus, collosus has less hp and costs less but can no longer be moved and can place up to x more collosu



I also forgot to put some sugestions here

Recomended changes based on floor gameplay and diversity for defences with existing shards:

Rippling explosions: make it proc 100% again like it was back before the schards when it was called purge evil, boost the damage of tge explosions to 425% defence power and 500% at gilded, this way it maches drain aura, also make it so the size of the explosion increases per upgrade level

Manufacturer overcharge: make it so the weapon manufacturer gains defemce range or defence power wilst it increases the weapon construction speed, this way running an ev2 using those weapons wilst also serving as a pest deterand becomes viabke again

Electric fingers: weaken the damage but remove the proc chance, this will reduce server lag for players that like to use skeletal orcs and this shard but keep the extra storm damage active :)

encroaching flames and empowered flames, these 2 shards make the flame aura and flamethrower tower gain a chance to hit the target again for more damage similair to fireforeffect and double tap, i recomend tge damage bonus be removed in favor of drastocaly increasing the proc chance, this makes running these shards worthwile and less of a wasted slit, supporting playstyle diversity and less meta dictatorship

i recomend changing frosty beams to instead have a XX% chance to freeze enemies that get hut by its dot instead of when they touch the beam, this way they become perfect for pairing with an earth mod or to just use on its own

mega rock: this shard is realy good but has one weakspot, the speet at wich the boukder moves and gets launched, it needs to fly out of the tip of the volcano similairly to how the other smaller orbs get launched, this will fix a loss in damage aswell

Latheral blast: this shard currently drops meteoors in random directions at the volcank, basicaly useless, the change i propose is that the meteoors drop when the target is hit by the volcanos boulders, but the latgeral blast boulders drop around the enemy rather then around the volcano, increasing its aoe pitential in lanes with bigger groups such as timmys revenge, frosty fodders and winters here

Ghastly curse: this is a good mod but it has one downside, that being it sacrifices damage or range, to make it a more viable option make it so it increases the defence range by 16% ungilded and 20% when gilded, this makes it a viable option to content with deadly strikes or vicious strikes, taking away the meta and adding a choise

Heavy cannonballs: the way it is now is just not good, i sugest making it so this shard turns the canonball tower into the heavy canonball tower from the orbs, this makes it possible to use against groups, givinh the player the choise for a single target canonball tower or an area of effect one, this is a sugestion for if the countes will never come, in wich case i recomend giving her the heavy canonball tower and the squire the regulair one

Mods that are very needed

Unit range: we got the defence rane mod that adds 30% range, deadly strikes that add 39% range, gilded 52%, we got vucious strikes that adds 2275 defence range units, but then some defences arrent capped yet with all 3 sources max and ancient strikes, i sugest adding a servo called "unit range" or  something that adds 1480 defence range units, this can be placed alongside the defence range mod and the 2 shards, this will cap out defences who cant reach their cap naturaly, for example the serenity aura, well its called the boost aura now but pre shard glory never vanishes for me hahahah!

I also sugest adding some shards and mods to make the buffbeam as diverse as the boost aura

Currently the boost aura has crippling grasp, boosted power, rippling explosions and the drain aura mod

The buffbeam lacks this unique way of building

And here are 3 shard ideas and 1 mod idea to change that

Deafening buffbeam: enemies within the buffbeam move at XX% movement speed

cell charger: enemies that die within the buffbeam explode dealing 500% defence piwer as damage around the enemy

Boosted beams already exist

Mod idea: destabilizing buffbeam: enemies inside the buffbeam take 500% defence power as damage per second


The boost aura can be used as a tool for slowing enemies in a big area and causing them to detonate for extra damage, or they can turbocharge defences, the buffbeam shoukd be able to do the same in my humble opinion hihihi

Initiate and adept changes:

For the adept i sugest you replace the earth shatter tower with a new defence, it will look the same and act the same but will do damage differently, the magma tower!

Magma tower: shoots a boming projectile underground, when it hits an enemy the ground erupts in lava dealing aoe fire damage, this lasts 5 seconss, the magma tower can shoot at max defence range one blop per 4 seconds, giving a unique touch to the adept but not needing new asets because you can change the collor of the earth shatters blue to a fiery red and orange, and use the lava floor and blaze baloon area graphic as a damage indicator

Replace the arcane barrier with the frozen barrier

Frozen barrier: enemues that attack it attack slower for 5 seconds, does not detonate upon reaching a sertain point of hitpoints, looks luke the arcane barrier but more icy blue with floating ice shards from the frostbite tower and hailstorm.tower floating near it



Change the flame aura to the flame strike aura, this deals heavy flame damage to one enemy in its radius, costs 20 mana, deals the same damage as the lightning strike aura

Return the hero boost aura and replace the defence boost aura witg it, this has a large area and passes a part of its defence power, defence crit damage, defence crit chance and defence health on nearby heroes

Skyguard should be replaced with a physical version of this defence, i call it chi-shell tower, jt shoots chi infused rocks at airborn enemies dealing physical danage, but instead of slowing enemies, this tower weakens the enemies defence stat by 20% (30% with 20 ascencion points into sturdy shots)

Lightning strikes aura should be replaced by the old lightning aura, she lost her flame aura but gained its storm damage dealing counterpart, costs 30 mana, deals damage as fast as the flame aura and deals tge exact same damage



By doing thjs to the initiate and adept theyll both be unique enough to have their medal price increased and be viable as alternative uses or even main users in combat, having an alternative source of long ranged aoe damage was a huge issue, but with the elven artillery and the return of my favorite ever tower (flameburst tower( we got reliable sources of aoe damage, but sadly not enough because they do it in a slow fassion with high damage, having the magma towe cast pools of lava will definetly solve this issue

The initiate becomes the reverse od the monk, monk deals aoe fire damage and single target big storm damage, the initiate deals high single target fire damage and aoe storm damage amd has the counter for spellbreaker flier lanes and boosts heroes instead of defences using the hero boost aura


The reason i wrote all this is because like i said, i love thinking about ways to diversify the defences, but its also because i just love thinking about such things, and it is refreshing to do so, a perfect distractions from the turmoils of real life


I hope all this info is usefull, if you and your coleagues need more ideas aimed to a specefic defence or hero ability or sharfs please do tell me and i will do my very best to think sime clever shards or mechanics using the meshes and contend already present, because all the ideas i made all take into account that new meshes are not going to be made, using whats already there to improve the game is a fun thing to do too!


I wish you a great evening and thanks alot for making my day very good

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