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(sorry for my english)

Because i don t know how to contact the support or someone that can help me, i decide to write here.

So one player harceling me and i don t know why. Everytime he kick me, he join my games and tell the main player of the game to kick me. He tell every one to kick me.He spoils my pleasure of playing.

i tried to understand why but he never want to say.

So if someone can help me to contact a support or to understand what he hate me for no reason.

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You can contact support for Dungeon Defenders Awakened using support@chromatic.games

Depending on the platform you are playing on, there might be a way to report in-game.  While playing with that user, in the top right of the pause menu you can select their icon and go to their profile.  If there's a report option for your version, that's where it should be.

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