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Halloween Screenshot Contest!

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Hello Defenders!

It's time for a contest, this ones all about showing off your artistic skills with a Halloween twist!
Your goal is to take a screenshot of your character in a setting you think captures the spirit of Halloween! \o/


・ You can only submit ONE screen shot.
・ You can only have ONE character in your screenshot.
・ You can be on any map.
・ You can use any video settings you want.  
・ You can use any items you want, including items from Open Mode.  
・ Screen shots should NOT include character/player names. (Hide hud before taking screenshot by pressing H)
You MUST include a link to your Steam profile in your post.  
ONE entry per person.
・ Entries must be posted before OCTOBER 31st, 20:00 UTC

After the deadline I'll have a group of judges look over the entries and fairly pick which ones they like the most.
Once the winners are picked I'll post them as a response to this thread.

Prize won't be announced until after the contest is over but there'll be an emphasis on some of the more spooky themed event items. 

TIP: For ease you can host your images on an external site like imgur in case you want to update your submission before the contest ends.

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