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[Bug + lag] floor 954

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On 10/2/2021 at 8:53 PM, AchaBr said:

Floor 954 has a hugelag after start wave.

Im trying all server available and the enemies just flyies as image bellow.


Some friends get in session and lag is same.

Please remove temple of onslaught.

thats not a bug, thats not lag either, its a ping lag that has gone too far and crashed your connection, this happens rarely, i have problems with it too sometimes, this is ESPECIALY an issue on floors w 1k or more enemies, so i sugest rerolling the temple map till it has around 400 to 500 enemies so that when wave 5 begins you have around 1k, the point when the lag becomes bad, but still allows you to win with a minimum internet crash chance
sure if i didnt need to reset so much id be floor 999 too, but t with the server ping issues actualy not resetting can take much longer to reach floor 999
this all ofcourse if i spend multiple hours a day on dd2 and not eso, skyrim and more -_- im an idiot.

to reduce load on the data, i recomend disabling enemy damage numbers, health numbers, dps showcase numbers, etc etc, it appears that does stabilize the mach quite a bit, my guess is that its because it has to send less data (dps, dmg numbers and enemy health value numbers)

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