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Weekend giveaway [#3]

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Hello everyone, welcome to yet another weekend giveaway!
Giveaway will run starting from 
Friday 18:00 UTC+2 to Monday 18 UTC+2 
Post should automatically unlock when the giveaways starts and locks itself on giveaway end.

This week rules:
Farm a named weapon (it has to be farmed during the giveaway time, old items are not allowed) with hero stats and upgrades representing highest amount of digits in a row from one of three mathematical digit sets ( first 100 digits of pi, first 100 digits of Euler number, first 50 numbers from Fibonacci sequence) 
More info about digit sets and items here : 
Named weapon translates to any end of map reward weapon that does have a non generic name and isn't a floor drop. (Example of valid item: Mischief maker, Obsidian Clava, Ember Sceptre etc.)
Weapon can be farmed either on Redux or Ranked (no local or open)
You can enter the giveaway with only ONE item.
This week reward theme is Event Weapons.
Stats on items are taken as ABSOLUTE VALUE so i.e -120 is equivalent to 120
10 people with highest amount of digits fitting sequence in one of digit sets wins an item.
3 people will get randomly chosen for random reward.
If you farm your item on redux you get the reward on redux, if you farm item on ranked, you get it on ranked.
You need to show your entry item to me via trade before receiving the reward.
Try to aim for top 1 not only top 10.
Only one person can enter with an item, two people can't enter the giveaway with the same item.
Do NOT upgrade your item!!!!
If item is either ++ or divine/void post a censored version and send the uncensored one to me on discord or private message on forum.

Entry format:
Screenshot of an item when inspected in inventory(as shown example).
Information how many digits and of what digit sets it represents (with those digits written out, don't write out digits if it is ++ or divine/void)
Steam profile link.
Information where did you farm the item, Map, difficulty, redux/ranked, ruthless/hc/nonhc 

If you have any questions feel free to pm me on discord Escev#7560 or on forums.

Good luck everyone!


After this weekend I'm taking a bit of a break with weekend giveaways, but don't worry, it will be back eventually!

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Fibonacci index 27.  5 numbers - Will send u screenshot

Kings game surv NMHC ranked

rewards on live:) 

Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198012955342/ 


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10 5 digit items in album -- i give up on getting a 6/7 digit GG lol, rng always sadge


NMHC Live Ranked Temple of Polybius

Reward on Live


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NmHc Tomb on ranked

Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198077243602/

5 digits of Fibbonaci 14229

Reward on live pls


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