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Hello everyone, welcome to yet another weekend giveaway!
Giveaway will run starting from 
Friday 18:00 UTC+2 to Monday 18 UTC+2 
Post should automatically unlock when the giveaways starts and locks itself on giveaway end.

This week rules:
Complete map on redux (ascension HC/Ruthless) or ranked (nightmare HC) from original campaign.
The goal of this weekend is to get LOWEST challenge points in one map.
Challenge points formula is as follows: [Total time in seconds * (Combined relevant stats of all used characters/10) * ((Defense + minion units used) * 40) * (Map place in original campaign order in reverse)]
(last part means deeper well is 12, foundries and forges is 11, ...., the summit is 1)
(relevant stats is: Tower character - all tower stats, Dps character - Hero hp, Hero damage, ability 1, ability 2)
lowest a single relevant stat can be is 0, negatives are not counted
If anything were to be multiplied by a number less than 1 it is multiplied by 1 instead, to not make all other multiplicators irrelevant
(Du and Mu are calculated by whatever is shown on screenshot with towers recap from end of map screen)
This weekend giveaway reward theme are Cosmetic Accessories.
5 people with lowest
challenge points on redux win an event.
5 people with lowest
challenge points on ranked win an event.
3 items will be randomly rolled among all participants that didn't get to top 5 on either redux or live.
One person can't win twice.
Try to aim for top 1, not only for top 5.
You can play in group, however due to time efficiency, total time in seconds will be multiplied by number of different players, other parts of equation remain the same.

Entry format:
Screenshot of end of map screen with your characters visible.
Screenshot of your character stats used during the map.
Screenshot of your end of map screen with your towers visible.
Screenshot of end of map screen with time visible.

Steam profile link.
Note if you would want your reward on redux or live in case you win.
Not required but it would be nice if all screenshots were as imgur, googledrive or other hosting service link.

If you have any questions feel free to pm me on discord
 Escev#7560 or on forums.

Good luck everyone!


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One run wonder. Now for a cosmetic FP. 

Live please if I win the raffle.


















If I math'd correctly:



Or if it was DU/MU and not the number of structures/minions:


Hopefully I got those numbers crunched correctly.


I have no idea how some people have their scores so low. So crazy. :classic_ninja: I'm guessing ramparts with no towers, high dps pet, and low hero stats.

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Minimum Score is: 690,000

steam https://steamcommunity.com/id/Lunaris1

https://imgur.com/a/rdbnpfs screenz


thanks for the contest maybe next time make it less FP and negative stat mischief maker dependent so newer players stand a chance. GL with the next "contest" escev

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My score is 103680



Gl to everyone :)

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