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Weekend giveaway [#1]

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Hello everyone, welcome to the first (and hopefully not last) weekend giveaway.
The idea behind it is to make one small scale giveaway each weekend, with different challenges and reward theme each week.
Giveaway will run starting from Friday 18:00 UTC+2 to Monday 18 UTC+2
Post should automatically unlock when the giveaways starts and locks itself on giveaway end.

This week rules:
Complete any campaign (original campaign so from Deeper well to The Summit)  map on nightmare difficulty with LOWEST team score you can get.
The map can be completed on either Ranked or Redux but not on open or local.
This weekend giveaway reward theme are DPS pets.
5 people with lowest score win an event (but try to aim for 1st place not only top5!)
3 items will be randomly rolled among all participants that didn't get to top 5

Entry format:
Screenshot of end of map screen with team score visible.
Screenshot of end of map screen with your characters visible.
Screenshot of your character stats used during the map.
Steam profile link.
Note if you would want your reward on redux or live in case you win.

If you have any questions feel free to pm me on discord Escev#7560 or on forums.

Good luck everyone!


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Team Score: 9348

23 seconds too fast in combat time, big f in the chat for me my dudes




Reward(s) on Live please

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