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August 27th Episode 1 Patch

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It’s time for another bugfix, hopefully squashing some pretty nasty bugs (like that pesky -1 HP bug some Defenders have unfortunately ran into). Let’s get into it!

Bug Fixes

  • Made some changes to prevent HP getting stuck at -1.
    • Let us know if you continue to run into this issue after downloading the patch.
  • Fixed an issue where the Shroomy wasn’t playing their spawn animations properly.
  • Fixed an issue where NPC Dialogue and Summary UI windows had buttons that couldn’t be navigated or pressed on gamepad.
  • Fixed an issue where only the default transmog list was being selected and you couldn’t select other loadouts.
  • Fixed issues in the Transmog UI with where certain fusion weapons and non-fusion weapons weren’t appearing properly.
  • Fixed an issue where “Create Hero” in the Hero Deck options wasn’t navigable with gamepad.

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