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August 19th Episode 1 Hotfix

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We’re getting in some more hotfixes to help squish some of these pesky bugs and crashes. It’s late, no long introductions here.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Coptor Ogres were throwing Rifted Kobolds and Snotballs at targets behind walls (no more wall hacks, freakin cheatin ogres).
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when locking items.
  • Fixed an issue with the last achievement bugfix mentioned in previous hotfix not applying correctly.
  • Fixed a spot on the Keep where defenses could be built inside of walls (no more wall hacks, freakin cheatin defenders).
  • Fixed an issue where bag filters were not saving properly.
  • Fixed an issue where reverting all filters would cause the inventory to not function properly until the player transitioned.
  • Updated and cleaned up some notification verbiage.
  • Fixed an issue where multiple rift portals closing at the same time at the end of a wave would create very loud SFX.
  • Fixed an issue where defense empowering on upgrade item effects weren’t functioning properly.
  • Added a “Deselect All” option to the inventory when all items are selected.

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