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DDA Switch Splitscreen

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Hey guys,

i bought DDA on Switch few days ago.

The Trailer on the Nintendo-eShop shows the possibility to play this game in SplitScreen (https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/dungeon-defenders-awakened-switch/, see 0:25).


Also this Trailer shows the possibility to play in SplitScreen on same device (see 0:39).


After buying this game i had to figure out: There seems to be no split screen!

Am i missing something or is there really no splitscreen and possibility to play in couch coop on same console?
If so, this is scamming, because the trailer shows exactly that features but the product doesn't contain them!

What time will the SplitScreen and CouchCoop be included?

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There will be a split screen mode, they said they are "polishing" it
By now, they are fixing bugs related to the new patch, which is priority
The next step will probably be the Switch update and bugfixing (if there are bugs)
Then, we will have the split screen
But this is just what I think, and I may be wrong :Emoji_Kobalt:

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Wow... so there seems to be really no splitscreen-couchcoop but their trailer at the official nintendo estore shows?!

Wow... even if they plan to "include it maybe anytime later" showing this feature on that trailer - like it would be already included, if the product don't include it - is scamming.

And they even have no idea when it would be out there? And they decided to show it without any warning? Really?

What a shame and what an untrustworthy company. 

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