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July 23rd Episode 1 PTR Patch

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As we approach our release of Episode 1, The Lycan’s Keep, we’ve got another round of changes and additions for you all to take a swing at trying to break and give us your valuable feedback (click here to find out how to get in). Let’s get into it!


This is a PTR build. That means that things are going to be in a rough state, not finished, maybe a bit buggy, etc. It’s by no means a perfect representation of the game, or final in any means. Please take this into consideration when providing feedback. We’ve spent a lot of time working hard on getting this massive update going. We ask that you be respectful when providing feedback and understand that actual people put a lot of time and effort into everything you’re testing.


Through the escape menu, there is a link to a survey. You can fill this survey out and edit it over the course of the PTR.


For your time spent testing the PTR (we ask at least 30 minutes if possible) and filling out our survey, you will earn a brand new reward, Tester’s Eagle Wings:

Wings PTR.png

We are able to track your account, so don’t worry about adding any identifying information, we’ll get the reward automatically unlocked on your account when Episode 1 launches. To ensure it gets unlocked, there is a question on the survey that has your “PlayFab ID” (this is what we use for cloud storage and account saving). Do not edit whatever is in that field, otherwise the rewards will not be able to be applied to your account.

In future PTR tests, we will have additional rewards for your time. We really appreciate your feedback and constructive criticism, and our goal is to give something back. :)


  • Balance
    • Added a 50% chance to drop a single Fusion Weapon in every Rift chest on every Act.
    • Updated Act 4 pet drops.
    • Added a guaranteed Rift Weapon to victory chests in survival.
  • UI
    • Updated Item Upgrade UI.
    • Updated the Hero Stat Panel.
    • Updated Gamepad functionality across UIs.
    • Updated the Spell Book UI
    • Added all the icons for Fusion pets.
    • Added Lycan enemy icons.
    • Added proper icons for bags


  • Rogue
    • Swift Assault
      • When used from Umbral Form can now pierce dealing damage to up to 3 targets.


  • The Mill
    • Removed one Copter and Wyvern lane.
    • Increased Ogre spawns in later survival waves.
  • The Outpost
    • Increased DU to 140 from 130.
    • Increased Ogre spawns in later survival waves.
  • The Keep
    • Increased DU to 145 from 140.
    • Added ground decals to the bait during the Lycan King fight.
    • Added SFX to the Lycan King fight.


  • Lycan King
    • Reduced increased damage taken while stunned to 25% from 50%.
  • Lycan
    • Significantly increased the damage of Howl.
    • Reduced the amount of Lycans that spawn at any given moment.
    • Fixed an issue where Lycans were spawning with zero health, making them die from a single hit.
    • This is important to not list as a bugfix, as you may notice an increase in difficulty on waves that Lycans appear.


  • Pets
    • Demon Duke
      • Adjusted damage and attack rate scaling.
      • Removed second projectile.
    • Happy Cloud
      • Increased healing to 2.5% from 1%
      • Doubled projectile Speed
    • Angry Cloud
      • Doubled projectile speed

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash that was occuring on The Keep.
  • Fixed an issue where Defense Power item effects were not scaling properly.
  • Fixed an issue where Rift Portals were not activating on Bonus Waves.
  • Fixed an issue where Wisp Dens would not be able to attack.
  • Fixed an issue where the Rogue’s Swift Assault could get locked in place.
  • Fixed an issue where the Rogue could use Carnage while affected by webs.
  • Fixed a lot of gamepad bugs. Like, a lot.
  • Fixed an issue where Rifted Lycans did not have their proper effect.
  • Fixed an issue with brooches not properly placed.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed rift portals to be farmed after completing the map.
  • Fixed an issue with floating reward chests.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Obsidian Gemstone from being upgraded.
  • Fixed an issue with the damage reflect item effect.
  • Fixed an issue with the Vitality item effect not dropping on Weapons, and instead dropping on accessories.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented clients from seeing or interacting with Lycan King lures.
  • Fixed an issue where the Angry Cloud’s stun duration was not displaying.
  • Fixed a bug with the Rogue’s Arcing Device not properly determining if it should apply or not.
  • Fixed an issue where Sludge Launchers would still attack without a Roots of Purity.
  • Ammo pouches no longer drop the Protean Cannon MKII Set Bonus
  • Fixed an issue where the Ensnare Aura and Sludge Launcher could permanently slow an enemy at 100%, freezing enemies in place.
  • Fixed an issue where the Ancient Dragon’s tracker bar was appearing and disappearing for clients.
  • Fixed an issue with Etherian Champion not increasing Crit Bonus, instead was increasing Crit Chance.
  • Adjusted the inventory custom keyword filter to have greater functionality.
  • Fixed an issue where the Angry Cloud’s stun was not working.
  • Fixed the Rogues default costume colors.
  • Fixed an issue where Defense Damage item effects were not properly applying.
  • Fixed an issue where new Episode 1 pets dps were not properly displaying.
  • FIxed issues where part of the inventory remained on screen.
  • Fixed an issue where Wisps were not returning to their proper neutral state.
  • Fixed an issue where the transmog UI could be seen when creating a hero.


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