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now that dd2 has resumed development

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the title and the tag says it all

now that dd2 is being updated again, i think its high time that something is done about the lost temple, i barely got through floor 264 or was it 254? point being every floor goes well exept the fourth floor of all the 10 floors there are, the temple is a living hell, and i dont think that the amount of packages has been thought about thoroughly with the mutators, enemy conditions they have before those are applied, the diminishing returns, all the mods and status effects, etcetera etcetera, when this has to be applied to 1k+ enemies the map becomes unbearably laggy, its not lag itself thats the issue but the stupid amound the server has to send and receive that gets slowed down due to the natural limitations of an internet connection, my internet speed isnt a problem either nor is my mobile data, they both go above 100 mbps (caps at out provider limit of 500mbps when nobody uses the wifi and more)

ive seen people sugest things already (maybe remove the temple or rework it completely) i myself like the concept of the ancient temple and it looks very nice so id say opt for a complete rework, mostly changing how enemies send packages and have less lanesĀ  in general and not to forget have lanes spawn more near oneanother so less cores spawn, having less cores a lane has to track to obviously reduces the sending issue by quite a bit for what i have noticed

im deeply affraid this will just be ignored by chromatic but i gota take my chances and hopefully hit a bullseye
(not ignored in the "we donot read this" chategory, but ignore as in "we donot care" or "we have other priorities" the latter is the obious one yet also not because wouldnt making the game stable be the biggest priority out there? in the end everyone has their opinions, mine is that this map needs a huge stabilizing checkup)

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