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July 20th Episode 1 PTR Patch

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After reading through the community feedback from the weekend, we wanted to push out this mid-week PTR patch to fix some bugs and put in some new changes for you all to test. Keep the feedback coming!

Act IV Balance



  • All Act IV Cores will now have 250k HP.

The Mill

  • Increased DU to 140 from 120.
  • Relocated one Rift Portal to be further away from Core.


  • NEW accessories will drop from chests on Insane, Nightmare, and Massacre on Act IV maps.
  • All accessories have a chance to drop with Tower stat effects.



  • Increased chance of dropping high tier Item Effects from Act IV weapons.
  • Increased quality of Act IV weapon drops.


  • Increased chance to drop with Hero Set Bonuses.
  • Increased stat scaling.



  • Reduced the increased range on Rift Kobold explosions to 25% from 75% more than normal Kobold.

Hero Balance



  • All Traps
    • Reduced attack rate cap to 0.65 from 2.
  • Explosive Trap
    • Increased damage by 10%
  • Inferno Trap
    • Increased damage by 100%.
  • Thunder Spike Trap
    • Increased damage by 50%.
    • Decreased reset time by about 40%.

Item Effects


  • Increased chance for primary attacks to blind enemies.


  • Increased chance for primary attacks to stun enemies.


  • Increased chance for primary attacks to ensnare enemies.

Damage Reflect

  • Increased the maximum amount of damage reflected back to enemies.

Nullify Attunement

  • Increased chance for primary attacks to nullify enemies’ attunements.


  • Decreased damage to hit enemies.

Other Balance


  • Increased Core HP for all maps in Nightmare and Massacre difficulties.


Dragon Cannon

  • Increased AOE range by 150%.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with projectiles for Wolfsbane Cleaver and Fused Wolfsbane Cleaver.
  • Fixed an issue where pressing ESC while in Multi-Select would close the Inventory.
  • Fixed several issues with Gamepad functionality.
  • Fixed an issue where Wolfsbane Rift weapons were dropping on Wave 15.
  • Fixed an issue where Godly weapons were sometimes dropping with only 1 Item Effect.
  • Fixed an issue where Non-Rifted Warriors were spawning in Rift Mode, creating more Warriors than intended.
  • Fixed several issues with incorrect item labels for Act IV weapons.
  • Updated Tooltip displays in Transmog.
  • Fixed an issue where gas and fire pits on The Outpost and Foundries and Forges were instantly killing heroes.
  • Fixed an issue where the Lycan King could get stuck when attacking him.

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