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onslaught lane ideas for any future dd2 update, now that theres a new dev team behind dd2

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now that they announced a new dev team behind dd2 thats working towards releasing updates again, i have came up with a lot of ideas regarding the refreshment of onslaught floors!, i will list a name of the lane followed by a description of what the lane does and what kinds of mutations it is imune to :)

recomended changes for the floors and enemy types: frost enemies must be slowable by sources, those sources includes proton beams, boosted grasps, snaking sands and oil, but frost bite towers, drenching from a water mod for heroes oir defences, drench from geyser traps or the water elemental shard, well basicaly any source of slow thats linked to water damage or frost damage should be the only sources that cant slow down frosty enemies, afterall why can the overwelming chi energy from a boost aura not slow down these enemies? i mean chi energy could heat them up or change their minds ;), but it makes sence that drenching and freezing doesnt work on them because theyre already ice hahah, but it should be possible for the fbt to still target and strike them, just not slow them, making frost bite towers a viable buffing tower with frosty power even on those lanes :)

there are also new enemies to mach some of the lanes
ice wyverns: comes in 2 varriants, wyverns that deal meelee damage, freezes a hero or tower or blockade on hit, icy breath wyvern, shoots icy balls at heroes and towers/blockades slowing them down,
frosty cobold: explodes onto heroes and auras, nodes, traps, towers and blockades, they deal no damage, instead they slow down the defences or heroes hit for 5 seconds
undead evil knight: spawns alongside a spectre, moves slow and has average boss health (similair to a lava guardian), ignites a flamethrower when near a defence or hero

i did not come up with a power surge lane since  it would be too hard and horrible to have
i didnt come up with a yeti lane either since "winter's here" already does the same
dreadbones crew already exist (dreadbrones crew and winter's here inspired me to make all this in the first place)

now that thats out of the way, lets get started shall we?

malthius's hoarde: gound lane
a lane with 20 tiny skeletons and 5 big skeletons alongside 40-50 goblins and 20-30 orcs, malthius the learned will spawn above it covered in a protective field as seen in the incursion, malthius will not spawn the aoe healing fields, instead it releases healing waves occasionaly to heal the enemy, at the end of the map at wave 5, malthius will spawn and act like it normaly does, mini and big skeletons spanwed indeases by 5 every finished wave (for a total of 20 at wave 5 (40 tiny skeletons and 25 big skeletons), this lane always has wall leech and vampiric, giving the whole healing theme of the malthius incursion (spawns 3 malthius in wave 6 temple)

mal'donis' revenge: ground lane
same as malthius but has mal'donis hover above and places curse marks inside its lane, these marks donot act like the marks inside of the maldonis incursion, aside from the enemy buff oart, it does not hurt allies and defences, it just buffs but i already said that, a trikk will spawn at wave one and like with the slekeleons and itself in the incursion will always respawn, the curse mark will vanish once trikk has been defeated, maldonis spawns as a boss in that lane at wave 5, this lane has a higher chance to gain enraged, furious and pile-it-on (spawns 3 maldonis in wave 6 temple) no mutation immunity

cthulhu's eldricth horrors: ground lane
this lane spawns 25-35 skeletons, 50-100 zombified enemies, 10-20 demon eyes and will always spawn one Treet at the end of the map, this lane is not immune to any mutations (spawns 3 treets in wave 6 temple), no mutation immunity

the eye of cthulhu: sky lane
will spawn 25-50 demon eyes, at wave 5 will spawn a heavily weakened version of the eye of cthulhu (spawns one eye of cthulhu and 3 wandering eyes (more powerfull demon eyes) in wave 6 temple), immune to vampiric, tower drain and unstoppable(they cannot be slowed down in the first place, eyes cant suck lifeforce)

zapper's hoard: sky lane
spawns between 4 and 10 kobolts with zapper always spawning at wave 4 and 5 (spawns 3 zappers in wave 6 temple), no mutation immunity

warbleed's throphy hunt: ground lane
spawns between 40 and 60 hex throwers, always spawns sniper war bleed in wave 4 and 5, spawns 3 sniper warbleeds in wave 6 temple, no mutation immunity

skarnash's terrible assault: sky lane
spawns between 5-10 assassins, skarnash always spawns in wave 4 and 5, 3 skarnash'es spawn in wave 6 temple)

gnash's berzerker armada: ground lane
spawns 10-20 berzerkers, gnash the flame lance spawns in wave 4 and 5, 3 gnash's spawn in wave 6 temple)

geode prime's automaton army: ground lane
spawns 5-7 geodes, spawns geode prime at wave 4 and 5, spawns 3 geode primes at wave 6 temple, always spawns in lanes that colide or are close to oneanother, no mutation immunity

thorc's divine lightning strike: ground lane
spawns 50-75 cyborcs with thorc always spawning at wave 4 and 5, 3 thorc spawn at wave 6 temple, no mutation immunity

grobstock's revenge: ground lane
spawns 100-125 vanguard, shieldgoblin gorbstock spawns at wave 4 and 5, 3 gorbstock spawn at wave 6 temple, no mutation immunity

drakenlord's royal army: ground lane
spawns 10-13 ice mages, 15-20 frost orcs, 12-15 skeletal drakin, 2-4 wither beasts, the draken lord spawns t wave 5, 3 draken lords spawn at wave 6 in temple, immune to headstrong and immune to immovable (if he cant get oiled and burned or petrified he cant be killed)

blizzard wyvern's brood: sky lane
spawns in the new icy whyverns and frozen cobolds, 20-25 icy wyverns (divided amongst the 2 new types) and 1-2 frozen cobolds

gribloc's armada: ground lane
spawns 200 meelee goblins and 200 thrower goblins, spawns griblock at wave 2, 3, 4 and 5, spawns 3 gribloc at wave 6 temple

freakish whyvern fans: ground lane
spawns the whyvern enthusiast thriplets alongside a hoard of ground bound whyverns, 30 whyverns, gregory at wave 3, timothy at 4 and jimothy at wave 5, spawns all 3 wyvern fans at wave 6 temple

sturgish's team: ground lane
 spawns 50 bomb throwers at wave one, 30 javelin throwers at wave 2, 25 orcs at wave 3, 25 lady orcs at wave 4, and all the afore mentioned at wave 5 alongside all the mentioned mini bosses (sammie at wave one, statch at wave 2, steiner at wave 3, sturgis at wave 4, and all 4 at wave 5), all 4 mini bosses spawn together at wave 6 in temple

bling king's golden glory: ground lane
spawns 5 golden wither beasts each wave alongside the normal enemy spawn (50-75 bomb throwers and meelee gobus, 20-30 javelin throwers and 10-15 cobolds/bomb carriers)

spectral curse: ground lane
spawns a spectre that slowly moves to the core to burn it to cinders, spawns the aforementioned undead evil knight, when the knight is killed the spectre becomes vulnerable and dies relatively fast

demon king's underworld legion: ground lane
spawns 10-15 lava guardians! yep thats right! 10 to 15 of these beefy lunatics you gota take down!

athame's dark disciples: ground lane
spawns 3 spectral assassins at wave 1, 4 at wave 2, 5 at wave 3, 4 and 5, spawns one dark prophet, when the prophet is killed the athame assassins become vulnerable

bastile master's revenge: ground lane
spawns 50 regulair lady orcs and 50 regulair orcs, the bastile master attacks at wave 3, 4 and 5, 3 bastile masters always spawn at wave 6 temple

harbinger's tyrany: ground lane
spawns all enemy types 2 times and has a more lanebound and tinier version of the harbinger show up at wave 5 and 6 in the temple (yes it spawns just one, its too strong to ahve 3 of) (2 goblins, 2 throwers, 2 orcs, 2 lady orcs, 2 javelin throwers, 2 dark mages, 2 wither beasts, 2 cobolds, 2 of each chaos 7 enemy)

slekeleon's skeletal attack: ground lane
spawns 75-100 tiny skeletons and 25-30 big skeletons and spawns slekeleon at wave one, and like it does everywere, returns every new wave

carnival celebration: ground lanes
spawns carnival themed map enemies (i hope that the carnival map returns to dd2 oneday.... ive seen the videos and im sad that i was never able to see it... ;-;)

here are all my ideas! :D

next time i post my ideas it will be a new hero called the gun smith, a sassy woman who is a master at crafting gun brooms, she utilizes brooms as a defence, blasing enemies appart with volleys of bullets and having had a little help from a sertain terrarian ally
heres a taste of her towers
hammer broom turret: shoots high damage st dmg bullets
railround turret: shoots high dmg aoe bullets
megashark turret: rappidly shoots bullets depending on what servo the relic has
controlled burst turret: shoots controlled bursts at random enemies in its range (everytime it has shot one burst of 3 it swaps enemies)
burst shot turret: short to mid ranged broom that deals aoe damage and knocks enemies back

ill work this out sometime sooner or later or watever, let me know if you like the idea, i will most likely ask a friend of mine to draw it out for me so i can show a picture of what the gunsmith would look like if she would ever get added, i can only hope hahahah

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21 hours ago, quinn the wolf said:

carnival celebration: ground lanes
spawns carnival themed map enemies (i hope that the carnival map returns to dd2 oneday.... ive seen the videos and im sad that i was never able to see it... ;-;)

You're going to be in for a treat then! DD2 actually is going to have an update next week and the Carnival map is going to be in it permanently along with an additional map!

Here's a CG Friday Funday stream for proof - 


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I know i saw juicebags video! Im so exited and happy!!!! FINAKY I CAN GET TO SEE THE CARNIVAL MAP!

Also i hope theyll reduce the current ridicilous chaos 8 maxing costs, i mean how do they expect us to get max c8 in expedition c8 if everything still costs milions of gold and hundreds of mats xd




Aaaanyway i hope theyll bring more diversity to the floors too hihi

7 hours ago, Paloverde zfogshooterz said:

You're going to be in for a treat then! DD2 actually is going to have an update next week and the Carnival map is going to be in it permanently along with an additional map!

Here's a CG Friday Funday stream for proof - 



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