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(WTA) Ult++ Plate Boots DPS

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Doing this again. Pickles.

Its a good item, I reserve the right to not sell.

Don't expect a professional auction. It'll probably be done by July 30th

Item: https://imgur.com/a/WuUsvdr

Highest Bidder Currently - Sesar64 75CV



Events Accepted:

-ButterScotch 150CV

-Cinnamon 80CV

-Ginger 100CV

-Pointy Hats 100CV

-Howling Werewolf 20CV

-Gaia's Last Gift 60CV

-Mana Master/Marid 20CV

-Overload 80CV

-Party Horn 25CV

-Toy Sword 15CV

-Waterfall 40CV

-Celebracers 80CV

-Amplifiers 50CV

-Rainmaker 200CV

-Final Patch 400CV

Also like Cubes. Maybe offer other events just didn't wanna think of anything else.

IC: https://imgur.com/a/nYCIPKf

Self Promotion/Where I got em xD:



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