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June 25th Episode 1 PTR Patch

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First, we want to send a big THANK YOU to those of you who have taken the time to try out our Episode 1 test build. It’s been exciting for all of us to finally share our hard work and talk about the changes with our community! With that, we have another PTR patch ready to go for you, as we continue to rebalance, add new things, and fix bugs based on your helpful feedback.

How to Join

If you haven’t joined our PTR yet, you still can! Click here to find out how.


We updated the survey and would greatly appreciate it if you could fill it out. We’ll be updating the survey to compare data over time and all your input is incredibly helpful! Remember, by filling out at least one of the surveys, on Episode 1 release you will be rewarded with the Eagle’s Wings!


General Balance

Bonus Waves

  • Lycan King Wave
    • Massacre Survival and Rifted
      • Increased Demon Lord HP by ~300%.
      • Increased Goblin Mech HP by ~200%.
      • Increased Ancient Dragon HP by about ~200%.
  • Ancient Dragon Wave
    • Massacre Survival and Rifted
      • Increased Demon Lord HP by about 50%.
      • Increased Goblin Mech HP by about 50%.

Boss Tests

  • Test of the Demon
    • Increased Huntress damage
    • Decreased EV-A damage 
  • Test of the Dragon
    • Decreased Monk damage
    • Increased movement speed of Wyverns on Test of the Dragon III


  • Massacre Difficulty
    • Increased health of all Massacre enemies by 10%.
    • Removed 10% Armor from all Massacre enemies.
  • Lycan
    • Increased health to be about half that of an Ogre.
    • Added Lycan Nameplates to match other Special enemies.

Item Effects

  • Damage Reflect
    • Now a flat value instead of a percentage.
    • New: Strength ranges from 45 to 300,000.
  • Heal Interval
    • Increased scaling to 5% Max HP per second from 1% Max HP per second.
  • Reworked item effects on Boss and Challenge weapons. This will result in missing item effects on existing weapons but newly dropped items should have them.


  • Doubled Build Mana on Lava Mines for Insane, Nightmare, and Massacre Campaigns.
  • Increased DU on The Outpost to 130 from 90.
  • Decreased DU on The Mill to 120 from 140.

Hero Balance


  • Secondary Attack
    • Increased max projectile to 8 from 6.
    • Updated attack to hit for 50% of melee damage per projectile.
    • Decreased attack rate scaling.



  • Added correct voice-overs.
  • Updated SFX for abilities.
  • Updated Spawn SFX on UI menu.


  • Increased HP scaling on the Rogue by about 50%.


  • Stealth
    • Removed Stealth requirement for applying Marks with Primary and Secondary abilities.
      • NEW: Primary and Secondary Attacks now apply up to eight Marks to enemies at all times.
    • NEW: Heals for 5% Max HP every 0.5 seconds that Stealth is active (50% HP healed max)
    • Reduced cooldown to 15-7 seconds from 30-15 seconds.
    • Duration no longer scales and is always 5 seconds.
    • Riposte Buff
      • Now granted regardless of how Stealth was ended.
      • NEW: Applies a: 25% Damage Buff.
  • Swift Assault
    • No longer costs Ability Mana to activate.
  • Disengage
    • No longer costs Ability Mana to activate.


  • Arcing Device
    • No longer applies the additional damage component and instead deals a single large amount of damage when applied.



  • Updated Spawn SFX on UI menu.


  • Sprout
    • Increased the max targeting range to 1000 from 500.
  • Mushroom Circle
    • Increased the max targeting range to 1000 from 500.


  • Roots of Purity
    • Now scales off the Range stat.
    • Upgrading to max rank scales the range to 50% larger than base rank.
  • Beaming Blossom
    • Reduced beam attack time (duration of the beam) to 0.6 from 1.6 seconds.
    • Added max attack rate (cooldown between firing and not firing) of 0.65 seconds.
    • Reduced damage tick rate (amount of hits while firing) to 0.3 from 0.4.
    • Increased base damage to 80 from 25.
  • Wisp Den
    • Increased Wisp Den range to be similar to the Lightning Tower.
    • Increased Wisp movement speed to by 50%.
  • Shroomy Pit
    • Decreased DU cost to 3 from 4.
    • Lowered Shroomy scream volume.


  • Added bag icon material for the inventory and filters UI.
  • Added x10 and x25 modifiers while adding stat points or upgrading.
  • Added new icons for all weapons.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue where repair times were incorrect and taking longer on some defenses.
  • Fixed an issue where enemies were stuck on Endless Spires near the Northwest spawn point.
  • Fixed an issue where the enemy count tracker was not working during the second wave on The Mill.
  • Fixed an issue where Hero Stat points were resetting after upgrading an item and then returning to the Hero Stat menu.
  • Fixed an issue where Vitality would not show as increasing when adding points.
  • Fixed an issue where Crossbow weapons did not continue firing while holding the button to attack after double-clicking.
  • Fixed an issue where the Bonus Wave Selector wasn't selecting correctly and tried to play bonus waves that didn't exist.
  • Fixed an issue where a Bonus Wave looped back to Build Phase after losing a wave.
  • Fixed an issue where the XP required for Level 102 was significantly lower than intended.
  • Fixed an issue where defenders could build in the lava on Foundries and Forges.
  • Fixed an issue where Rift Portals can open in the Build Phase.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Sell All” function wasn’t working on PC.
  • Decreased delay on the spawn of the last Ogre on Ancient Mines on Massacre Survival.
  • Fixed an issue where incorrect Fusion weapons were dropping on Act 4.
  • Fixed an issue where the Crystals could be attacked on Alchemical Labs while the boss timer was counting down, resulting in an instant stun when the Demon Lord spawned.
  • Fixed an issue Repair / Upgrade / Sell abilities were not cancelling after swapping to Build Mode.
  • Fixed an issue where Clients could see their own HP bar above their head.
  • Fixed an issue where the Megachicken was showing incorrect projectile count.
  • Fixed an issue where the pointer was missing from the main menu.
  • Adjusted various accessory placements on heroes.
  • Fixed an issue where a host’s activated Swift Assault caused the Rogue’s VFX to linger and flicker on clients.
  • Fixed an LOD issue with the Baby Phoenix Pet’s VFX.
  • Fixed an issue where Level, XP, and Unspent Points don't update if you swap heroes while on the stats tab in the inventory
  • Fixed an issue where IE ability passive abilities were not restarting on defender death and respawn.
  • Fixed a lighting issue on Deeper Well.
  • Updated max Hero Stats on gear from 9999 to 999999.
  • Fixed an issue where Copter Ogres would get stuck after their Copter was shot down.
  • Fixed an issue where Sirens were getting stuck when fleeing.


  • Squire
    • Fixed an issue where the Squire lost his base mana regen value.
  • Rogue
    • Added rebinding for Rogue's Special Abilities.
  • Warden
    • Fixed an issue where the Wisp Den was not attacking while following targets.
    • Fixed an issue where the Warden defenses were not showing nameplates when damaged by enemies.
    • Fixed an issue where Wisp Den was not attacking Spiders.
    • Fixed an issue where the Warden’s cast animation for Right click and F abilities were not working for clients.
  • Apprentice
    • Fixed an issue where the Lightning Tower was improperly scaling attack rate overflow.

Known Issues

  • Wisp Den is currently not targeting Lycans.
  • Boost Damage chance item effect is currently restoring ability mana instead of boosting damage.

Item Effects and Set Bonuses

  • Fixed an issue where Etherian Marksman and Champion sets were not working properly.
  • Fixed an issue where the Double Edge Item Effect was damaging defenders below 50% HP and killing them.
  • Fixed an issue where Rogue and EV Item Sets were dropping on Offhands.
  • Fixed an issue where Offhands couldn't drop their elemental item effects.
  • Fixed an issue where Defense Damage was not scaling correctly.

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