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We’ve got some PTR changes in after receiving a lot of feedback and getting a ton of help from the brave adventurers who have jumped into the PTR. Keep the feedback coming, and as we continue to polish Episode 1, we’ll be sure to include as much as we can. We appreciate all your help in making Episode 1 the greatest it can be!



  • Added MVP Piercing Projectile VFX.
  • Updated Piercing Projectile to have a larger hitbox and no collision with the world.


  • Added SFX to bow firing on Rogue.
  • Updated audio on Rogue abilities.



  • Added SFX for the Lycan.
  • Slightly sped up Lycan’s run animation.
  • Fixed an issue with Lycan’s bones.


The Mill

  • Equalized the ambient sound of The Mill to better mesh with the music and environment.

Foundries and Forges

  • Reduced Foundries and Forges max loot quality to match Mill.
  • Foundries and Forges is now unlocked after beating the Mill.

User Interface

  • Slightly reduced the size of damage numbers.
  • Updated static effect visuals for tooltips so that static effects always show as legendary.


  • Adjusted Hero Attack Power Item Effects.
  • Removed health scaling for repair.
    • This will mean that no matter how much MAX health the tower has it should take 3 seconds MAX to repair a tower in the combat phase. This is to counteract not having “Cast Rate”.


  • Increased Huntress’ Secondary Ability damage from +50% to +100% of Base Damage and Removed falloff.


  • Increased EV’s Secondary Ability damage from +50% to +100% of Base Damage and Removed falloff.


  • Decreased Rogue's Carnage ability cooldown by 50%.
  • Fixed an issue where the Rogue couldn't activate Upgrade / Repair / Sell without looking at a defense directly.


  • Increased Sprout damage to +100% of base damage.
  • Increased angle of Sludge Launcher from 15 to 45.
  • Beaming Blossom tooltip now shows fire damage instead of physical.
  • Roots should now heal.
  • Reduced volume of Shroomy’s scream by half.


  • Adjusted timing of Lycan’s howls.
  • Increased Lycan’s Health.
    • 5x on Easy to Medium
    • 10x on Insane and above


  • Updated VFX on Polearm trails.
  • Added new method to weapon actors for implementing swing trails.
  • Updated and added VFX for various polearms.

Bug Fixes

  • Side swiping enemies with the Rogue's Assault ability no longer allows the player to continue the dash animation pose indefinitely.
  • Rogue can now transmog his offhand weapons.
  • Fixed a bug where transmog tooltips weren’t showing.
  • Updated buff count to scale properly from rolling.
  • Fixed an issue where healing may not have worked properly.
  • Removed Defense stats from Bow 15.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause leaving the inventory to crash the game.
  • Fixed a few stuck enemy issues on The Mill.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when upgrading then swapping heroes in the inventory.
  • Fixed a lot of visual and functionality bugs for item effects, their VFX, and displays.
  • Fixed an issue where Ability Count effects were not correctly counting shots fires from ranged weapons.
  • Double Edge should now be working.
  • Fixed a bug where Upgrade / Repair / Sell weren't canceling each other when activated so you could have multiple activated at once.
  • Fixed an issue where Sirens were getting stuck when fleeing to their spawn points.
  • Fixed an issue where Act 4 Maps didn't save wave progression
  • Survival: if you beat a certain wave on a harder difficulty, you can now play the same wave on a lower difficulty.
    • Example: if you beat Wave 20 on Massacre you can play up to Wave 20 on all lower difficulties.
  • Healing Item effects are now healing % of Max Health.
  • Fixed an issue where the scroll box was spamming with geometry valid checks.
  • Fixed an issue where Ogre Copter’s hat was too large.
  • Fixed speed limiter on projectiles.
  • Fixed up frame timing logic in scroll box.
  • Added Attack Rate stat to display correctly.
  • Mainhand/Offhand stats on the Hero Stat Panel is now updating correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where Map Selection wasn't selecting your last map played difficulty.
  • Fixed an issue where Cooldown text wasn't showing when you swap heroes.

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