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DDA suggestion - An alternative to color-coded enemy hordes in regards to difficulties.

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Greetings, devs and defenders! This technically isn't my first suggestion for DDA as I had suggested one in Discord. But it is my first over here in the forums since I would like to go more in detail with this and it's also a suggestion that I would have preferred to be implemented over the last one (in Discord) if I were to pick one. So yeah, without further ado, let's get to it -

The idea surrounding this topic started cooking in my mind while I was looking for enemies in their Original colors (as their Icons portrayed in the official wiki) only to find that most of them doesn't exist in-game with the exception of a very few (although I do also noticed that not all of the enemy Icons are portrayed in their original color either). This also started as a result of the problems that I'll mention below -

(Additional notes - For clarification, this suggestion does not involve Rifted Mode, since it's an alternate mode which has enemies with additional unique abilities so having enemies in a rifted form makes more sense.)


1) The problems with a color-coded horde (at least for me) :

I'm aware that enemies in various color are indicators of which difficulty you're on. However, the longer you stay in a certain difficulty, with the enemies in the same color, the horde starts looking all the same and unfortunately they also start looking pretty bland too, making the grind a little more boring (especially in maps with the same color tone like Insane enemies in survival Alchemical Labs for example).

Another problem with enemies of the same color would be the possibility of mistaking a particular enemy for a different one. For example, recently I've entered Nightmare and on several occasions I've mistaken Orcs for Sharkens due to how similar they are colored.


2) An alternative to difficulty colored enemies :

So instead of color-coded hordes to indicate a difficulty, I would suggest introducing Sigil Banners to symbolize the difficulty tiers - 


Left to right - Easy (Teal), Medium (Green), Hard (Orange), Insane (Red), Nightmare (Purple) and Massacre (Black and White). Disclaimer - this is just a concept art. (Saw a floor mat with symbols in DD1 and I actually find myself liking it, so that become the base of the design, and in addition, the external patterns outside the symbols are partially inspired from the Steam achievement trophy icons of completing all the Act maps.)

And as for functioning as visible difficulty indicators, these banners could be integrated into the HUD like this -


3) The main reasoning :

Basically, I'm suggesting this feature mainly to have enemies be "reverted" back to their Original colors. Would be really nice to face the enemy hordes in vibrant and diverse colors rather than just in a single toned color. I really want to see the Djinns, Sharkens, Dark Elf Mages etc. like their Icons below portrayed, they look really good there! (Oh, especially the Dark Elf Mage shown in the official poster or the blue-skinned and red-clawed Sharkens when Nightmare was being revealed!) - 


Also on another note - Before playing the PTR, I was actually kinda worried that I'll face a fully yellow or green-furred Lycan. After playing the Act 4 maps, I can say that I'm pretty happy to see that most of its scarlet-brown fur are retained with the difficulty color being subtle only on their armor and not being very jarring unlike other enemies.

However, with that said, since the difficulty colors are quite subtle with the Lycans  I think those kinds of coloring aren't needed anymore and I feel that it might be best for the enemies to start shining as themselves.


4.) The gist of it :

So yeah, to summarize this suggestion - Introduce difficulty banners as a replacement for difficulty-color coded enemies so the enemies could spawn in their Original colors for a more vibrant looking horde.

That's about it for my suggestion, feel free comment down your reasoning if you dig this, disagree, or have a better idea. Thanks for reading and cheers!


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