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Returning Xbox player’s thoughts

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I’ve recently returned to DD2 on Xbox  after quite a while and because I have a new Xbox profile I got a total reset and started the game from the beginning.

When it comes to campaign I was disappointed as I’m fairly certain that it didn’t end with Betsy before. It used to go through all maps and end with harbinger. I think an extended campaign with all maps was a better idea.

One thing that amazed me after hitting chaos 1 was the Drakenlord. A boss that walks through everything and one shots heroes, first thought is that he’s overpowered, next thought is that it’s a great way to make players think and use the different characters on offer. I have to pull my huntress out every time and prioritise him but sometimes I still lose if I miss my oil shots. I also don’t like that I’m restricted to this being the only strategy that works. More bosses where specific elements work would be good but oil is a bit niche.

Dreadbones is good too, fast and powerful but he never seems to drop any loot. You’d think a pirate captain would explode with gold or something when killed, that would be more thematically appropriate than random loot.

Then there’s shards which there are more of than when I last played making it harder to get the ones I want making the game more of a grindy, disappointing slog. This is made worse by the fact that stuff drops for characters I don’t own.

Shard destruction, dust and buying shards from the soldier helps make the rubbish shards to not be completely pointless but it’s still random as to whether I can use the shard that I get out.

Needing to collect ten of a shard to upgrade it is bad and boring given the grind it takes to get just one so I’m not a fan of how the shard system feels a bit pay-to-win these days.

I’m very happy about the bank giving extra inventory space. No complaints because this is just useful.

I like that cosmetics can be gained without using real world money through onslaught or the daily thing in the tavern.

The daily challenges haven’t improved. It’s still just do x amount of map which can still be rushed on campaign so take maybe 30mins, I was hoping for something more similar to weekly challenges eg kill x amount with abilities. This may be a glitch but my dailies also reset mid match, it says three liferoot maps for 450 but when I’ve done it it says 2 maps for 225 with 0 progress which doesn’t seem fair.

Overall I’m enjoying the game quite a bit so it’s definitely good and fun but the grind and disappointment of getting useless shards makes me go play something else after not long at all. I’m yet to try tackle mastery but it’ll probably be worth beating chaos first i think.

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Love this whole game series but I'm having a problem with finding any sort of helpful information about Dungeon Defenders:Awaken anything would be helpful because seeing that "we haven't been forget" seems to be the only words of wisdom we have for the xbox or any console progressions and that's not very encouraging anymore

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