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New stats locations = less things to farm for?

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Previewed changes :


Hero Stats

  • Damage: Weapons, Pets
  • Attack: Weapons, Pets, and Offhands
  • Ability: Weapons, Pets, and Offhands
  • Vitality: Weapons, Pets, and Offhands

Tower Stats

  • Fortitude: Helmet, Gloves, Chest, Boots, Masks, Bracers, and Brooches
  • Power: Helmet, Gloves, Chest, Boots, Masks, Bracers, and Brooches
  • Def. Rate: Helmet, Gloves, Chest, Boots, Masks, Bracers, and Brooches
  • Range: Helmet, Gloves, Chest, Boots, Masks, Bracers, and Brooches·

Stat types: These roll additional stats on pieces of gear that those stats could appear on.

  • Example 1 - “Increases your Power by X” rolls on armor and accessories.
  • Example 2 - “Increases your Attack by X” rolls on weapons and offhands.

Elemental Increases: These roll additional elemental damage increases.

  • Example 1 - “Increases your hero’s Fire damage by X%” rolls on weapons and offhands.
  • Example 2 - “Increases your defenses’ Fire damage by X%” rolls on armor and accessories.


I was initially gonna talk about how I thought the new stats locations meant pets would be useless to builders and that it resulted in less farming options but as I was making my post, I realized that I, personally, felt that the new stats locations gave you less items to farm for a specific role entirely. (DPS or Builder)


I'll use pets as an example (What I was initially going to post about) :

I've got into DDA late since I waited a long time to play on ps4 and ended up buying a new pc and switching my KS key from console to pc. The thing I've found the most interesting to farm so far is by far pets. Lately I've been trying to get 800+ quad tower stats pet rocks for all my builders while also trying to get my DPS great DPS pets.

From what's been shown only, it seems pets will be exclusively for DPS and not for builders. I can't imagine pets being able to roll towers item effects or that would ruin the whole concept of heroes being equally efficient in both aspects. While I am totally on board with characters being able to both build and DPS, I feel like you're limiting the "item uniqueness" possibilities. I like the concept of certain pets being great for builders and others for DPS. Same thing for certain special weapons being better for builders than others.


When I first got into NM back in DD1, I loved the fact that you could go do the Ogre Rush challenge and get a great tower stats weapon for that point in the game. I don't know much about challenges in DDA because the few ones I've tried so far didn't seem to give anything special at all.

To me having stats roll only on specific pieces of gear isn't a great solution to having characters be able to both build and DPS to their fullest potential. I'm pretty sure most people don't equally use all heroes to DPS. People have their favorites and stick to the same ones. So in the end that just means that whoever I don't use to DPS has 3 less pieces of gear to farm for (Pet, weapon and off-hand), on top of not having to bother finding any of the other pieces with hero stats. There should be more items to farm for, not less.

edit : I wasn't even thinking about a DPS only player. For them, that's more than half the gear that's completely worthless to them. Also what about DPS + Abilities only heroes like the Rogue, are all the towers gear slots useless?


Removing certain stats from gear while tying and scaling them to hero levels is perfectly fine but I wish the change to make heroes able to both DPS and build at the same time wouldn't make it so preferring to focus on one over the other mean that you have less types of items to farm for than we do now.

Some ideas to help with that :

  • Add new item slots, on top of off-hands that will be available for all heroes
  • 2 pets instead of 1, 1 for DPS pets and 1 for Builder pets that can't attack and provide no hero stats
  • 2 types of items that can drop, DPS items that only have Hero stats and Builder items that only have tower Stats. (Take 2 different pair of gloves, one dropped for Heroes so it only has hero stats and the other gloves dropped for builders so they only have tower stats) Add a new item type like "Tools" that replace DPS items for builders. All this coupled with 2 different equipment tabs, (from just the one we have right now) 1 dedicated to towers and the other to Heroes. In the building phase the builders equipment tab is automatically used and it switches to the hero gear when the combat  phase starts.


All the other changes announced look very promising, keep up the great work. : )

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Posted (edited)

I kind of agree, i see the idea they want to go for. Similar to DD2 being able to have all your builders be DPS because of Relics/armor and then ascension made it more fluid and less time consuming. But in DD2 you can switch characters mid round, which actually makes it more appealing to have all your builders for dps so that you had more options available mid round.

In DDA most people are only putting 1 DPS hero in there slots because thats all they will ever need, unless they want to switch for a specific reason, then they do so in between rounds anyway. It seems kind of redundant and to your point even more limiting for farming (pets especially). 

I feel like a better idea would have been to give individual upgrade points to both hero stats and defense stats. So let's say you have a 300 upgrade helmet, you have 300 stats you can put into your defense stat, and 300 you can put into your hero stats. Or to increase endgame farming even more, have each item drop with different upgrade levels for both defense/hero stats  (300 Upgrades for defense stats but 350 for your hero stats on the same item).

If they let us switch characters mid round however then i think the original idea will be good.

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